Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yoi! It the time of the year where I'm will be gtg fatter.. LOL! Coz it mooncake festival. Sourcing ard for my fav mooncake: snow-skin champage mooncake. Sad to say i only order 1 box. Wanted to buy more... but it Out Of Stock liao. Y so cruel to me! Still got 1 wk to the festival and it's GONE b4 i can get hold of it. Haiz... Gotta wait for next yr or get other types of mooncakes. Wat to do.. i so S. L. O. W.!

Next.. i still miss the Agar Agar Mooncake. I rmbr in my poly life, my fren Tee Harn noe i luv agar agar. So she brought 1 pcs of Agar Agar Mooncake for me from JB. Wow! It the 1st time i try out tis unique type of mooncake. It actually 100% agar agar tt is made in the shape of a round mooncake. The filling is also agar agar (w coconut?) & a different colour. So the whole agar agar is quite transparent but it really nice... Y? Coz it my FAV food mah! Haha...

Today.. while surfing the net to look for a agar agar pic... i browse across a website tt shows the receipe of Durian Paste Agar Agar Mooncake. So i paste the receipe here, will try it out wen i'm.. erm.. free lor.. Which i doubt so.. haha..

(Makes 9 pieces)

For the mock egg yolk:
Agar-Agar Powder - 3 grams

Sugar - 50grams
Water - 170 ml
Fresh pandan leaves - 2grams
Fresh durian meat - 25 grams
Coconut milk - 250ml
Yellow food coloring - 2grams

For the "durian paste":
Agar-Agar powder - 16grams

Sugar - 200grams
Coconut milk - 250ml
Water - 430ml
Fresh Pandan leaves - 4 pieces
Fresh durian meat - 230grams
Yellow food coloring - 2grams

For the mock mooncake skin:
Agar-Agar powder - 16grams

Sugar - 200 grams
Fresh Pandan (screw pine) leaves - 250grams
Water - 425ml
Coconut milk - 50ml
Green food coloring - 2ml

Preparation steps:
Mock egg yolk

Step 1: Mix together and boil water, agar-agar, sugar, and pandan leaves.
Step 2: Discard the pandan leaves and add the durian meat, coconut milk, and food coloring.
Step 3: Allow the mixture to cool slightly before pouring it into the ice tray.
Step 4: Leave it to set.

The Durian Paste
Step 1: Mix together and boil the water, 250ml puree coconut milk, agar-agar and pandan leaves.
Step 2: Discard the pandan leaves and cease boiling. Add the durian meat and coloring and stir well.
Step 3: Pour the mixture into the 19cm squares immediately. (As a guide, cut a piece of paper slightly shorter in width of the 6cm square plastic moon cakes moulds)
Step 4: Pour the mock egg yolk mixture into the center of each square.
Step 5: Press down the mock egg yolk and level the durian paste.
Step 6: Leave it to set before cutting into squares.

The Mooncake Skin
Step 1: Mix together and boil water, agar-agar sugar and pandan leaves
Step 2: Add coconut milk and food coloring to the mixture.
Step 3: When the mixture boils, turn off the heat.
mooncake moulds
Step 4: Fill each mould with 3 dessertspoons of the mixture.
Step 5: Make sure that the mixture is slightly set before inserting each square piece of durian paste.
Step 6: Fill the mould with the remaining boiling mixture immediately and leave to set.
Step 7: Chill before serving.

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