Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Happy wif Tis Blog Skin.

I've spend so much time on editing this blog skin... and till now still NOT satisfied. Havent even upload the tagboard, timer, etc.. coz i disappointed in the blog layout...

1stly, i took tis skin fr, the original designer of tis skin put a christian "precious moment" pic which i don like. So havent been searching for a nicer pic to replace the christian pic... But so sad.. cant find any suitable yet. Den the stupid snow bg, can only drop to half the page. Alamak! X-) Den wat if ple read the bottom of the blog? The snows melts into the air!! Den the tong hua midi is built in... Don noe if can add more songs if i wan?

I cant wait to get another blog skin.. but quite busy at work. Home? No nid to even mention... Wan watch a tv, aso hard to find time.. Yawnz...


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