Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vertical Marathon 2007

Last sunday i joined hb and his collegues/friend at the Swissotel VM. This is hb and my first attempt. In the past weeks, i have only trained on the climbing machine at gym. So not sure wat it was like. From the past records, i saw ple disqualified, so which mean if i cant take it, i can quit half way. Den wen i went to collect the goodie bag, i saw so many young girls. At least i felt more comfortable, coz they don look like those very fit type of girls. So i wont feel so stress.

At the event, it wasnt very crowded.. as compared to the SB run. Maybe the organisers are more efficient or lesser participants. A funny incident happen at the register counter. The female staff ask me if i was in the category under 20. Hee~! So happy lor.. i look so 'young' to be mistaken as under 20's. Den i blur blur say "No, 20 - 39 category" Oppss.. i over-stated my category... Shd be 20-29. Lucky the ger understand wat i saying, if not i very malu lor. Ple say me young, yet i say i'm so old. After registration, v took some pics. Saw jiaman and his dad is joining too. A very fit uncle lor.. over 50 y.o. Soon the race started, my catergory was Female 20-29, and it was after the "Under 20's", "Over 50's" and the Male 20-29.

Limin 'fly me kite' on tt day for a short holidays to msia. Heng my hb's collegue's wife, Yvonne is participating alone too. So v both Q together. Wen our race start, we both run ahead to the stairs and took 2 stairs at a time.. after a few storeys, i gave up and took 1 step ea... Wah.. i buah ta han liao.. tired at the 8-9th storey. With 60+ storey to go, i so worry lor. I almost stop at every storey, gasping for air and my energy.. it so tiring n difficult.. i kept wanting to give up... Wen i reach certain storey, i bump into yvonne, and she encourage me to continue, and climb a few storey wif me. Den she soon went out of my sight, ahead of me. Den soon i c ple starting to over-take me. Some are very friendly and keep encouraging me not to give up.. The ushers/marshals are also encouraging too. And i don noe how i ended up at the 73th storey in the end. Haha.. I felt so blur and giddy wen i reach the top. Only noe i pass the chip timing device and sum one place a medal over my head to make my achievement.. Wah so happy.. finally over.. i walk ard in daze for a few min b4 i drop "dead" on the floor.. Tt wen i recover myself and pose for some pic taking. Din really c the scenery as i was too tired but it was windy and very high.

After breakfast, we went to pick up our certificates. Was told that Jiaman's dad won the 3rd plc in his catergory. His dad very power ar... tink ard 12min for a 50yo uncle leh. I tog i complete in 30min +, but my cert shown 18min 49sec. Wow.. so proud of such a good timing. I estimate 20min b4 the race, 30min after the race and i got less dan 20min for the race. 1st in my category was 11m 38s, while last was 25m. I'm rank 52 out of 74. 70% percentile from the top. So not bad lor.

Will i join again next year... my answer is NO!


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