Thursday, November 29, 2007

Exercises (or Excuses?)

2 more days to the big event, SC 10km Run... An event which i have signed up in Aug, tog tt i will be able to achieve the distance of 10km. But now.. seems like a bit difficult. I havent been training much. Only once a week aerobics class, follow by minor jogging on the threadmill. My distance on threadmill nvr even hit 3km. I sucks big time tis rd! In for BIG trouble as i'm not fully prepared.

Juz last wk, or my last exercise, i try jog on threadmill n only hit 1.6km. I was so hungry and cant concerntrate on running... My mind was full of food sia. Wen i finish my jog, i peep over to another ger who was running beside me. She run so loudly wif her feet stomp heavily on the threadmill... And guess wat? She ran a distance of 5+km. Wat a shame of myself... Tink she maybe gng for the SC run too...

On Monday, i went to visit my gynae. Coz i have missed my menses for 3mths liao. I'm not prgnt! Took countless of prgncy test kits, and still negative. So worried i have grown cryst or some cancers diesease. Heng ar.. gynae say i got plenty of eggs, but they r not growing, therefore not ovulating. I got the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. My cure is to slim down as my obese is affecting my menstruation cycle. So sad lor. Well.. i lose some weight initially, den gain some recently again. That's wen my cycle stop. Gynae advise that it is ok to miss 3mths of menses, but once exceed tt, i muz quickly take some medicines to induce my ovulation. If not the womb lining will be too thick and is prone to cancer cells. WAH.. really scare me lor.

So now, i muz work DOUBLY hard to slim down, for a healthier me, and of coz a prettier me. And to make sure no1 is gng to give up his/her seat for me wen i'm not prgnt (which some1 did to me tis mrng at mrt! I'm NOT prgnt! Flabby tummy only!!! >_<).

I din exercise tis wk, but is watching my diet liao. Wanted to go for a swim on tue, but miss the timing. Will be doing my 10km tis sunday.. If no pain for early nxt wk, will be back into my exercise routine. Hopefully can lose weight to 60kg by end of the yr. Another 5kg before CNY 2008. Ya.. that's my GOAL in 2mths time!

Current goal in 2 Days time: Complete my 10km run in less den 1hr 30min. Bless me n wish me LUCK~!


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