Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Myself!

Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Meeee~!

My beloved hubby gave me surprise today. My receptionist called me n said there's a bouquet of flowers for me. Haha.. i noe immediately it's from my hb. I so embarressed.. and told receptionist, Alice to keep at her side. Who noe my collegue, Lulu went to pick the flowers up for me.. n almost wan to bring to my table. I stopped her via msn.. n went to pick up during lunch time when there are nobody. So embarrasing lor.. later don noe how to go home with the flowers.. haha~

The weird combination of sunflower and roses? Haha~ Both my fav flowers.. so tt y hb decide on such combination.. kill 2birds wif 1 stone.. so he can save $$ on his another bouquet next time. lol~ And look at the mess on my tables. Flooded wif workload.

Still.. i taking leave next monday.. to celebrate wif hb alone. No son.. as we prefer 二人世界!

Thanks hubby for the surprise! I Love u!

Oh ya.. below is the extract from the card he sent with the flowers:

Dear petty wife,
Happy birthday!
From your handsome husband.


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