Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Passion Run 2008

Last sunday marks my 1st running race for the year 2008. After 6 months of break, i'm back at attempting my 2nd time at 10km at a different venue and event.

The weather was cool as the previous days were raining. So worry tt it will be cancel in the event of rain. Then i would have wasted my $ n time to travel all the way down. This was also my 1st time i running at east coast. My previous runs are at esplanade/marina south. So given the tree shades and sea breeze.. i expecting a nice run tt can help motivate me to achieve a good PB.

However... i din achieve my PB, and was slower by 10min+. I began my run wif my sis, and we started like 5min late from the starting time. Then i jog with her for 1.5km before i left her walking slowly behind me.. I over-take a few runners till i saw a friend, Sze Gay.. surprised to see him there.. running wif another female friend, who both are my sec sch mates. After a while of chitchatting n slow jog, i left them and increase my pace.. Btwn my 3km to 5km, i saw my hb u-turning at the other lane, and also my hb's collegue's wife. Haha.. Surprise to see her too. Tog she will be busy preparing for her weddings in the nxt few wks.. On my returned trip, my bro over-took me.. he started 15min later than me..

I was quite disappointed with my timing.. although i know that my lack of practise contribute to the failure. But i'm aso happy to see my sis completing in less than 2hrs.. my fatty cousin manage to complete the whole run in 2hr+. Although he is the last to reach in his category with a timing, he is still better than those who din even complete the race and give up half way. He's a winner as long as he pass the finishing line and complete the race! Jia You!


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