Sunday, March 16, 2008

Virgo Cruise - Malacca/KL

I went on a Virgo Cruise trip with my hb and family. This was our 1st trip onboard Star Virgo and we make a right choice by choosing balcony class. The price was only $100+ more than the normal "worldcruiser", but the benefits were more than them.

1stly, there was 2 queue for checking in. The balcony class queue was much shorter than the worldcruiser by 2x. And even the queue for gng pass the customs was so so much faster and shorter than them. In fact we board the cruise in less than 30min, while the worldcruiser may take longer than an hr?

We were served our 1st drink once we stepped onboard the cruise. Got white wine and fruit juice.. and my bro took more than 1 cup of drink. lol~ Coz we struck at the tour desk for quite a while to decide on our town tour at Malacca/KL. And we have opt the KL sightseeing tour.. Den we went off to check out our balcony rm.

The rm wasnt that big as i expected... coz after we lay out the sofabed, there arent much space for walking ard.. except a short walkway to the balcony. The balcony is juz nice to fit in 2chairs n 1 table. But the wind at the balcony is damn fastantic. So is the scenery at the daytime.

We started exploring the cruise once we dump our belongings in the rm... Starting fr the top level to the bottom.. And we struck at the mediterrian buffet.. coz they serving dinner.. We ate our dinner at Vivo city, but still, we dig in to the buffet again.. lol~! Den we explore ard... and end up at the sauna/steambath rm at 12mid nite... Tt wen the ship leave the harbourfront! The facilities in the sauna/steambath was FOC for balcony holders.. n it open till 1am.. so we din wan loose any time and relax ourselves there.. Den back to our rm for a gd nite rest...

My sis n I (both horoscopes r Virgo)

Wen i woke up in the mrng, we have already reach malacca. Took our breakfast and head toward casino. Din have any luck and have lost quite a bit of money. Follow by lunch (Eat again!) and head toward Port Klang for our KL tour.

Breakfast full of Eggs: Scrumbled, sunny, boiled + side dishes.

KL: We were bought to take pic at a mosque in KL. Cant rmbr wat it called. Follow by a chinese temple near KL Tower. Next we went up KL tower, which i been before. Last stop was at KLCC... where v head straight to A&W! Yess!!! The main reason i wan join tis tour is becoz i wan eat A&W. We each order a big mug of Root Beer Float & Curly Fries... Yummy~!!! My fav hideout.. or a MUST-VISIT shop in KL. Who will be so nice to bring A&W back to sgp?? Plss...

Background is the Mosque where we only allow to took pic fr a far.
Photoshot at our rm balcony wif the nice sea scenary in the background.
After the KL tour, we back at the cruise.. had our dinner.. follow by another session of sauna, steambath! After a nice bath.. we prepared ourselves for the highlight of the nite: PASSION! It's a topless dancers performance fr Las Vegas... And both gals & guys dancers performed topless. The dances were great.. but hb's eyes were only on the size of the gals' boobs! *Faint*. The show lasted for 45min, and being balcony holders, we got priority seats at the balcony seats of the Lido room. And the tix only costs S$20. So quite worth it. Next we went for supper follow by mahjong sessions... n slp...

My Family

Hb carrying a Fatty me!

The nxt day we had breakfast, lunch, purchase cruise photos, more photo-taking sessions, check out rooms, gambling at casino (Lose $$ again). And it marks the end of the cruise. Also priority in departing the cruise.

Overall, enjoy myself.

Whether will i go again? No! Unless it's free! And make sure it's a balcony class.. coz i luv being pampered.


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