Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I dont noe wat is happening to me this wk! First thing i stepped into office on mon, i was bombed with an urgent orders. Boss wanted me to start work earlier as he say our main customer starts at 8am, and will start calling boss as early as 8+. Of coz if i start early, i will end early. But boss say start at 8am! I was Shit la! 8am.. means i nid wake up at 6.30am? I negiotate to abt 8.30am, but told him i will discuss wif my hb and MIL. She nid to fetch son fr me at the mrt lor. Den wen i tod MIL, she like not happy lor. She say sometimes in the mrng, she nid go to market b4 fetching my boy, so 7.45 is too early for her. Then say got this and that day where she nid to pray, so will be busy la. Hey! I'm aso very busy lor.. and I'm more tired than u now lor! >.<

On Tue & Wed, i found a lot of stupid careless mistakes that make my boss "jump at" me. I making a total mess of my work, from invoicing to accounts, all errors are resulting in loss to the company lor. And I don understand y am I so careless, with so many mistakes keep appearing out of no-where lor.

Perhaps I'm too stress up, over my office job, my small biz and also with my son. I'm tired, and has not rest sufficiently enuff to be consider awake yet. And yet Y am I not sick yet? At least wif a high fever or any virus, I can take a MC and slp thru the day wif out any disturbances. I'm really nid a break, give me a 10hr of slp? or a short vacation will be best? But these 2 doesnt work in the upcoming days. I'm jammed wif work loads and too broke to go for a short vacation.

Erm, talking abt short vacation... Ya.. i shd say i went for 1 ytd. Right after wk, i rush down immed to Woodlands checkpt & mit up wif HB to go into JB. Had a quick lunch, went to a few shops at city sq, then grab the CNY goodies (the main purpose of our trip) and rush back to Sgp. Consider short enuff? It like only 2hrs out of Sgp. But did i enjoy myself? No~! Everyting is so rush, as we had to pick son hm fr MIL, had to do laundry washing wen reach hm, so simply no time to do other shoppings in JB!

Now, beside my office wk problem, i facing problem in terms of finance. My shop has just only started and the sales wasnt too gd. Perhaps the staffs were not promoting well. Or our products r not so attractive enuff? Anyway, my partner is trying to solve the problems and is adding new nail art designs. So do come down and see if u fall in luv wif our new designs.

Finance... ya. it's my personal finance. I'm broke, digging into my miserable personal savings, & still in debts. Lots of things to buy: CNY clothes (me & son), cookies, oranges, Ang Paos, Son's bday cakes. Hai~!!!! Anyone can give me a set of lucky numbers that will bound to win the top lottery prizes? I nid cash! And wif cash i can go for holidays, a break away fr my hectic lifestyles, break fr my forever nuisances son who is always sticking to me like a "UHU-glue"!!!!

More busy days to come:
Shopping for CNY stuffs
Preparations for CNY crowds at my shop
Training for CNY crowds at my shop
Spring cleaning
Slpless nites coz by my son (which is someting i don hope or wish for!)...


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