Thursday, January 24, 2008

Release of O Lvl Results

I just rec'd a sms fr my student who wrote: "A1 for Accounts. :) "

I was puzzled by her msg. Coz now is only 24 Jan. Arent results suppose to be out end of Feb? So i asked her if the results are out today. Then I msn my sis who is online too. Now then i know O lvl results r out today. Lol.. I'm so outdated lor. Me so lousy sia!

My student did very well, or should say better than my expectation. She got >20 pts for L1R5 for her prelim, A/cs she got only B3. And her O lvl results she got 15 for L1R5 lor. She plan do Mass comm in NP, which i encourage her to go for it. She seems to like media and is good in her English, so mass comm will suit her.

Another student of mine did not do quite well. A C5 for her a/cs, which is only slight improvement. She mentioned that she now can enter into local poly, which i do hope she can get into the courses of her choice.

And so far, these are the last 2 students i've got so far. This year I have started a biz, and with a grown up baby, I guess i dont have much time to tutor others now. But then, if anyone is desparately looking for an a/cs tutor, and doesnt live too far from my hse, i may consider take up the job. Meanwhile... let me sort out the mess at my shop, hse, and office.. Haha~!

I'm so happy now.. oh.. did i mention, this is the 1st time i have a student who got A1 lor! I'm so proud of myself.. lol..



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