Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Piss off...

I noe the title sound like childish... but tt wat i feeling inside now. Wat make me angry is the FB game: CS. There is this new item call arena, where a battle begins at a certain time. I nvr lose so badly until the last match. The opponent has a Lieutenant General, while i'm a small fly to him. So i no matter how i attack him, i still miss n kena hit! I kept spending bulks of money to buy life, resprawn, buy weapons.. still MISS my hits! Damn it! Make me so broke now. I hate it.. gng to attack him when he unaware later... coz i not gng to give up for he is 'bullying' me!

Dotz... I'm so childish.. but who cares?

I'm so bored in office. No 1 control me? no1 to disturb! Sianz.. Wen can i change a job? Nxt yr hopefully.. esp coming Jan 1, every1 is leaving me at orchard.. no more lunch kaki.

I'm also physically broke! Hopefully boss gives me a 2x mth bonus or more.. so i have enuff savings and use some for biz investments. I still havent get any CNY clothes for my ah boy!

Toking abt my biz investments.. will post more soon.. lolx..


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