Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

Havent been catching much movie since I gave birth to ah boy. BUT.. since this CNY, i have caught 2 movies: CJ7 and KungFu Dunk. Well, both r comedies, which is my favourite type of movies.. lame storylines in both movies, but i still prefer KungFu Dunk.

Last thu was Valentine's Day. I felt like it's the 1st time hb celebrate V-day wif me on the day itself. Coz the norm was he either give me a present or v eat out on other days and nothing will happen on V-day, 14th feb every yrs. We both were working as usual, and he promised me a nice dinner after work. But he OT at work till 7+, and reach sun plaza at 8pm. Wen v head towards Country Mana, there were long queues outside the restuarant. I was surprised as the restuarant is never full, even on wkends. V were very hungry, so wan give it a miss and try out other restuarants like Sakae, Delifrance.. and everywhere is crowded and full of queues! Even Mac, KFC, cavana are crowded lor? Wah siao ah! I din realise everywhere on V-day is so crowded lor! I felt like eating foodcourts. In the end, we did end up in a restuarant, a fast-food restuarant called Mos Burger. Managed to find a seat and quickly grab our food.

It hard to deny the fact that V-day is so so Commerical! Even wen i wan buy Rocher chocolates at Taka during my lunch break, there is a queue at the counter. And it is not that Rocher is having cheap sales that day. It just becoz the day itself is V-day, everyone rushing to get V-day presents! My friend's bf is so scared of the crowd that he refuse to go out for dinner on V-day, which has ended up a small dispute btwn them. Wen i ask hb if this is the 1st yr v celebrate on V-day itself, he say No! V celebrated like 4yrs ago, but v have make a reservation, so no nid to Queue like crazy and fight with others for food. Look like in future, either we eat at home, or pre-reserve in advance. Scary sia!


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