Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Mrs Lonely!

Coming end of feb, i will become a loner at my workplace. No more lunch kaki as everyone moving out of Orchard. Wat a sad ting hor? Adrian left me last yr, Yenli gng to leave me for a better pay job in kaki bukit. And i have no collegue to lunch wif me. So shd i consider myself lonely again? Or shd i say i regain my freedom? Free to lunch anywhere, shop anywhere my legs bring me to? Hai~!

I need a rest! Or a New JOB! I'm totally losing my interest in the current job. No mood to work. Everyday i telling myself to fall sick so i can get MC and rest at hm. I hate my work! Too routine and boring for me! I wan new challenges that brigthen up my spirits at work! But now.. whatever I do turns me down, make me yawn whole day thru-out my work. Any employers or job lobangs out there, pls PLS PLEASE inform me! I'm still wan to be an accountant. But in a differ company! And most imptly, i wan to have lots of collegues to lunch wif me!


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