Sunday, February 17, 2008

Divorce Case again?

I juz found out last fri from a friend who read another friend's blog that she was divorced. It came surprise as she only ROM 2years ago? She held a grand ROM celebration in the same year as I have my "small peanut" customary weddings. She told me she will have her customary weddings a few years later coz she pretty broke after her ROM. And now, wat i know is she has divorced. I don noe the purpose of her divorced, but i felt sad for her.

She is the 2nd friend whom i have heard divorce right after their ROMs. Sometimes i feel that our society nid to open up more. Like encourage ple to stay together for a few mths b4 they are officially married. So that if they cant live and accomodate ea other during this short period, then might as well break up. It is far better than after ROM, then live together, breakup, separate and divorce only 3yrs later. Worse still if u own a hse, it takes another 2 more yrs before u split clearly away from ea other. Tis scenario happen to my 1st friend, who separate the nxt day after their grand ROM celebration. *Oppss.. it seems like it better not to have a huge ROM celebration* Ok.. it doesnt apply to all cases, as ple do divorce even if ROM in the ROM centre. My friend did purchased a flat before ROM and from what i heard, he rented out the flat and shifted back to his parents' hse. As they cant sell the hse till 5 yrs later, they still have to pay the hse installments mthly for 5 yrs. Sound like quite a long time hor.. so don rush into gtg a marriage juz becoz u wan to buy a hse...

My hb has received quite a few red bombs for this year. And we felt a bit sudden when 1 of his friends announce she is gtg married this jun. Let's hope she has really find the right one and is not rushing to marry juz becoz everyone does, and aso want to get out of her current hse. It's a joy to hear ple gtg marry, and I felt sad wen i hear ple r divorcing. So whatever it is, i hope i have more joyous occassions to attend and no more sad news from my friends.


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