Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tired Day @ Work + a bit of happiness

Wat a tiring day to begin this morning. Perhaps I have over exert myself at my Amore gym class ytd evening. It has been sooo longgg since i last attended a fitness class. Tink it was last yr in nov/dec! And i begin my fitness by attending a fastpace kickboxing class. My legs almost wan to crack and break half-way thru the class.. I held on and manage to struggle thru the whole class.. and now i end up muscle pain all over, esp my thights. Kaoz!

1 gd news tt i discovered at my gym was i did not put on weight for my CNY feast! Which is great rite? I havent been eating proper dinner for most days and only snack on those left-over CNY goodies as supper. And i got no weight gain! Phew!!! I shd work doubly hard to slim down more... (*keeping my fingers "X" tt my shop wont make me so busy!)

I have been miting lots of friendly angmos ard lately. One nice angmo lady comments that my necklace looks very nice while v are inside a lift. This mrng another angmo gentleman, also happen in another lift, ask me who the boy at my hp? Wen i said he was my son, that gentleman comments I look so young to be a mother! Lol~! These simple comments brighten up my day! Even if it's a short conversation in lift (don ask me y it always happen in a lift?), it always nice to hear ple compliments u. So let spread the compliments ard...

"Your earrings/ necklace looks very pretty!"
"Your clothes look very nice.. and match very well with your necklace."
"You look sweet today!"
"Your smile brighten my days!"


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