Friday, February 22, 2008

About me!

I actually wanted to update my Facebook profile. But i tink I wrote too long. So here I cut and paste into my own blog. And let you all envy me will do. Lol~!

About Me:

I'm a very easily satisfied person! Or perhaps I'm lucky to achieve a lot of things in life already.

I'm proud to have the following:

1) A Husband, whom I still deeply in love with.

2) A Son, whom always notti and yet cute at some times.

3) A Family (parents + brothers + sister), whom I love and always in contact with.

4) A House, which has ate up majority of my money.

5) A Job, which I always struggle to keep myself awake on wkdays!

6) A Business, which has kill most of my active brain cells.

7) A healthy body, which is the most important thing in life!

Now, What I lack:

1) A daughter, to complete my perfect family portait.

2) A holiday, to regenerate my brain cells.

3) A car, to reduce travelling time & at the same time, increase my expenses. :(

4) A tai-tai life, how life will be great if i can do nothing daily but eat, slp, chitchat, shop, play and spend. (*I'm dreaming! Ya i know..)

5) Last but not the least, money? Where has my money gone to? They all invested in assets under what I have!

So my life is not that cruel after all, at least i own 7 items as compare to 5 items which i lack. Some are achieveable in the near future.. so i still nid to:



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