Monday, February 25, 2008

Virgo StarCruise.. Here I come!

Oh Yeah! It's a dream come true for me! haha~! Y?...

Coz i have been wanted to go onboard a Virgo Cruise! And this dream was like many years ago. Wen i heard of Virgo cruise.. i already wish to go. Main reason is becoz I'm a Virgo! So it my cruise lor! And yet i was disappointed many times... Many kite-flyers whenever we almost gng to book for the trips... Plus Hb don really like cruise as his collegue say it's a waste of money... but still...

I going next mth! Yeah!!!! my long awaited trip.. My last long overseas trip (exclude JB) is to Taipei last July! Oh.. Half a yr i'm stuck in Sgp. So sad sia! And I'm staying at the room wif a balcony! VIP class! I wan slp in the balcony wif the stars & moon as my blanket! My mum say we will walk the 'red carpet'. Got free 1st drink! Additional dining credit. Free sauna! Free movie! Trip is 100% confirmed as we have paid already! Yippee hooray! Hb is coming along wif me, coz he nvr been to a cruise b4... and since i gng, he will join me. Wat a lame reason lor! Ask him go wif me only in the past, he don wan. Now i got company, he wan tag along... But I hack care him... coz most imptly is I get to go!

Boss wasnt too happy wif my timing of the trip.. but again.. i hack care him too! My cruise trip is more impt than anyting! Lolx!

Not bringing son along as he nid pay additional 25%! Plus he has no passport. His face is temporary disfigured, so not nice to take photos. And wif him ard, i doubt i get to enjoy myself throughly.

I'm counting down... 2wks more to go... 15days to be exact...


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