Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week Long Holidays are OVER!

So sad! My 1 wk holidays is over just like that. Time flies so fast...

I begin my wk-long holidays by attending an interview after work. The venue is near my hse.. n interview was okay. So hopefully i rec'd gd news.. Mon went for another interview but it sucks. The interviewer sucks... N i doubt tt i will get the job. So let pray for gd news fr the woodlands company.

Tue i went shopping wif hb n son.. to Sim Lim Sq. Coz tis stupid pc that i'm using currently is gng to crash.. so hb bought a new harddisk to re-format the whole pc. And therefore i got my own PC again. Den hb went off for nite duty to catch that idiotic "nasi lemak" la. Hai~! Wen will he ever be caught? Now hb wan apply leave for his china trip is also difficult lor. They freeze every civil servant leaves juz to catch him.. N still no news.

Den wed went back to work for a day... before i head to my virgo cruise...

Back on fri afternn, had a short rest follow by a movie "Step up 2". It was a great movie.. n i so 'itchy' to dance.. hai.. tink i better sit at the audience seat and watch better.. So wont disgrace myself.. lol..

Sat wen down shop to manage some stuffs... Sun stay indoor to rest...

And 2mr is the beginning of a new wk..



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