Monday, March 24, 2008

PAssion Run

Yup! I've signed up for competitive 10km. haha! I noe i'm crazy. But i guess i can achieve it? Rite? Of coz no problem. Worse come to worse, i take up to 2hrs to complete.. and i still will achieve it rite? Coz Whoever who complete the race is considered a WINNER already!

Ok.. i'm tinking too far.. nvm.. wat impt now is to train up my stamina. Planning go gym after work today. Kickboxing! A very siong class.. but i like it.... Siong not as it is kickboxing, but becoz the trainer is a tough ger.. n her class is always high stamina class.. which i enjoy thru out... So i always attend her class whenever i free on tue.

For this PAssion run, i'm glad to have my running kaki, limin who willing to join my catergory. She is a good stamina runner, who actually can aim for 15km. But she is joining my 10km catergory. I din wan disappoint her by running 5km fun run.. so i sign up 10km.. with cert, timing & medal! Which means my safra gonna be 10km aso. Haha~ I will sign up tt race at a later timing... or maybe after tonite gym sessions to c 1st.

So estimate running distance:
Passion + Safra + Shape + GE + SC
10 + 10 + 10 + 10+ 10 = 50km!

Will i lose 5kg by then?
Hopefully so.. lolx...


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