Thursday, March 20, 2008

Running Spirits?

1stly.. i'm pleased to announce i got a new job! YES! The co will to offer me a post and willing to wait till i return fr my China trip. So i be starting my new job in early May! Hurray!.. Tender in my resignation.. n boss was disappointed coz he has a lot of troubles recently.. But i hack care him lor! And he say he cant find anyone easily in such a short notice.. 1 mth. I told him no company will willing to wait for me for 2mths lor. So he got no choice but to let me go.. N finally, i will have collegues & lunch kaki. Looking forward...

Back to my main post.. i was informed of a Passion run.. So i juz search the net.. and it is actually PAssion run.. by the community centres at east coast park. Din read up much details on it.

And I juz rec'd an email fr Sgp Bay Run.. informing tt registration starts on 24mar. There is early bird disc. And tis yr, both the 10km & 21km competitive runners will get a finisher's medal. Last yr, hb ran 10km, but no medals. Tis yr they r willing to give the medal. Haha.. So shd i run 10km to get tt medals & a certificate & a timing? My previous run was SC 10km.. n i managed to run 1.5hrs.. n i havent been practising much. The run is in Aug.. so still got 4mths to train up.. but i worry abt the workload at the new company. Plus the shop that i'm having now. Hai~! Will i have time for my training? Tink the shape run & GE run will start registration soon. But i confirm will join Shape run if i got kaki.. coz the goodie bag is very good leh.. lol~!

So see how lor.. :)


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