Monday, March 17, 2008


My biz gng to collapse soon. Sigh! And i don tink we are able to save our biz anymore. All thks to the always inflating rental rates! Y is it so expensive to stay in Sgp? hai~!

Anyway, out of curiousity.. or perhaps.. cravings... i miss my A&W root beer float & curly fries. Regret nvr order the waffles.. So i went to surf the net for franchising A&W back to Sgp. Came across Yum! They are the franchising companies for KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John, Taco Bell & A&W. And do u noe how much is their franchise?? And how much is their initial costs? It ONE MILLION! Shd be in USD.. as that Yum! is fr America. Where can i find tt money to invest even if i'm interested? May i strike top prize in lottery.. so at least i can pay partial, and source for another partner to invest together...!!!

So morale of the story? Let me strike lottery.. so i can bring A&W back to Sgp. And everyday dig into my fav snacks..

Seriously.. i'm not joking! I even tog of a good venue in sgp where my A&W will be located. And i'm willing to quit my full-time job to put in 100% effort in managing this A&W biz if given a chance. Coz 1 ting i'm sure: Being the one and only A&W restaurant in Sgp, it sure will be the main highlight of that shopping centre. Juz like wen i go KLCC, the 1st thing i tog of is A&W and nothing else.

So any investors out here? I nid USD1,000,000.00!


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