Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I hate Mas Selamat!!! If i ever catch him personally, i slap & hit him 1st b4 handling him to police! Idiot guy!

All thks to him, my family is in chaos now!! Stupid "zheng hu" also! Y freeze the civil servants' leave? It's not them who let him run away. And they din even say they don wan to help catch him. And yet why stop them from going on overseas holidays? It's not that ALL the civil servants r gng on holidays at the same time! Juz becoz of 1 stupid idiotic asshole guy, and u make every civil servants life so miserable!

My Hb booked a trip to China in the wk that tt idiotic guy went missing. He tog that tt idiot will be found very soon, so the trip in apr/may wont be affected. But till now, a mth later... the idiot still missing. Now he's unable to apply leave. He has been looking forward to this trip.. and has been planning for more than a yr. He's the grp leader of tis trip.. as tis place is somewhere he's been wanting to go badly. And when he found the right kaki, right timing, money, then come tis missing idiot! Now if he cant go, there may not be anyone willing to go wif him in future.

Come on lah! He's been given additional duties to find tt idiot, burned some of his wkends, nites to find him. And yet he wasnt given any overseas leave. Does it mean if tt Idiot is not caught, den no-one can leave sgp? We even in the urge to ask hb to resign juz to go for tt trip lor. And the main person responsible for his resignation, is tis stupid idiotic mas!!! And the selfish "zheng hu"!

I'm damn stress up now. I nid go pray to wash away bad luck.. n bring more good luck to me n my family.


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