Friday, May 16, 2008

Jiu Zhai Gou & Mt. Emei

Hi everyone! I’m back from my China trip. And I count myself lucky and glad to be able to return safely in Singapore.

The trip is fruitful as the scenary is marvelous. I reach the top of the mountain, same level as the clouds. I touched and seen real snow. Saw beautiful & natural waterfalls and lakes. Nice…
Down side of this trip is the tiring long bus journey, dangerous & curvy road & my unable-to-adapt body. It takes 1 whole day to travel up to Jiu Zhai Gou and another 1 day to travel back to Chengdu. The road are very curvy.. and the driver was driving so fast that I worry he may lose control n whole bus will fall off the road and drop down the steep valley. One of the trips up n down to the Goddess Lake involves 28 sharp turns n 1 hrs bus ride to reach the top. End up I suffer from severe headache and felt like vomiting at the end of the trip. These are the symptoms of Gao Feng Zeng, a high level sickness, which can result in immediate death. I was so worry and keep praying for our safety. My hubby and most of the tour members also suffer the same symptoms. So my hotel stay at the 6-star Jiu Zhai Gou Paradise was not so fun. Not the hotel room was disappointing, but my health doesn’t make me feel comfortable n slp well for the nite. The high level above sea, low in oxygen in the air and giddy headaches all attribute to the uncomfortable me. Lucky wen I reach back to the lower level, Chengdu, my body has recovered and I able to enjoy better.

We spend another trip to travel up to Mt. Emei, which is also 3,000 mtr above sea level. As we are able to survive thru Jiu Zhai Gou on the previous days, we do not suffer anymore Gao Feng Zeng symptoms at Emei. Though the 2-hrs up the trip and 2-hrs down the trip in a tiny bus is tiring & uncomfortable. Close contact wif the wild monekys on the way up the mountain. The guide say if we lucky to see the wild monkeys, it means we are seeing god.

The rest of the trips were nothing but shopping only. Not much to shop n eat in Chengdu leh. End up eat in Fastfood restaurants like KFC & Mac. Haha…

Then 1+ wk after our return, a natural disaster has struck Chengdu, Sichuan. An earthquake measuring 7.8 has shaken n leveled most areas in Sichuan. The place that we juz visited 1 wk ago, has been gone in a few mins. I wonder how my tour bus driver and guides? The tour guide mention to us tt he staying wif his mum in a very old buildings built many yrs ago. And I worry tt the old buildings may not be able to hold strong in the quake. Let’s pray for him and his family, and the bus driver and family.. and the other guides.. and the survivors safety. Those who are still trapped, hope they be found soon. Those missing & separated from families can be found soon. Even those who are dead can retrieve their bodies from the fallen debris too and buried in peace.

Let’s have a minute of silence pray for them.
1min up. Thanks!


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