Monday, April 14, 2008

Running plans

Yoi.. out of curiosity, i search Shape run for this year.. and it's on 20 July, sun! Registration starting soon.. on Apr 26, and registration is $30! So tis year i sure wan join.. unless some other events crop up.. And i gng to drag my sis along again. Haha~!!! Maybe my aunt if she can.. coz her 2 baby kids cant participate as it's an all-women event only.. so not sure if she still wan.

And reasons for joining.. i simply luv their goodies bag stuffs.. plus their shirt.. plus i wan collect the badge/medal upon completion. Then retire for baby-bearing session next yr...

And i have yet to train up for my 10km in jun.. Gng on a holidays in 2wks time.. And will be climbing n walking long distance in the cold.. so hopefully i lose some weight! My fats will be burning to create warmth in my body to counter the cold.. plus all the walking & exercising.. let hope i lose 2-3kg.. hee~! Plus china is not a food heaven, so i doubt i eat much over there. Imagine pay >$1.5k to slim down overseas.. u muz be tinking i'm crazy rite.. haha..

Yet to sign up my safra run also... Early bird reg closes end of apr.. still early.. waiting for hb's cue to register.. plus my running kaki's cue.

Yawnz! Thunder & storm outside now.. i don wan go home in rain..

Rain, Rain, Go away!!!


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