Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shop Closing Soon.. N end of r/s wif tt BITCH!

Sob! My shop has come to an end. FULL STOP!

I have a battle fight wif a Bitch ytd.. has been emailing ea other the whole ytd. I was really disappointed in her. Since day 1 we are preparing to start up biz.. till now closing, she is keep repeating her mistakes.. her stubborness, her arrogant, her stupidity, her childishness, her so-called independent-yet-uncapable-in-handling-tasks-by-herself.

The whole things started wif she offering to look for an agent to sell the shop. As we are using a 3rd party services, there will be bound to be some charges. She nvr tog of charges n even despite me asking her many times, she only came up wif an unconfirm figures. In the past, she was in chrg of renovation, but her failure to request for a proper quote resulted in higher renovations costs at the end. And she still refused to learn tt mistakes. And wan repeat again. Next she accuse me of not doing my a/cs well when she don noe anyting abt a/cs and worse still, MS excel! She's a nanyang poly grads in BS, n don even noe how to use Excel. Make me wonder wat she studying in sch? Or she juz damn stupid n havent even master how to use Excel?

Irritating to speak to her. Another partner ask me endure wif her.. But i insist on being stubborn.. unless she apologize for her mistakes, for her rudeness to doubt my a/cs.. den i should forgive her. If not.. she will remain a bitch forever.. she will fail in watever she do.. as she nvr want to learn her mistakes, never willing to accept her mistakes.. Pity her friends n family for enduring her attitudes...


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