Sunday, September 28, 2008

Every Tiring Weekends

I felt very tired this morning. Not because it's a monday bluez! But rather, wkends have juz passed...

My weekends are packed with housework, looking after my son. I always felt that my wkends are more tiring than wkdays. Wkdays is juz only work 8.5hrs, follow by some pte time for myself. Ranging from aerobics workout to facial/spas.. or even chitchatting n mit up wif frenz. Then i nid rush home to put my son to bed.. n doze off for the day..

But wkends.. i look after son whole days! If bring him out, even worst! He runs abt, don sit still! Plus if he have kaki, oh.. u hear his laugher even more. Last sun, brought him to hb's cousin's 21st bday. Wow.. his grand-uncles n grand aunties luv him to the max. So he 'self-high' at the party.. laughing n running into every room, banging into everyone. He played so crazily until nite time, he woke up several time due to night mares. And poor me. Waking up several time to coax him back to slp.. And whole body aching after carrying him ard ytd...

I hate weekends!!! SOb! sOb! SoB!


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