Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Nike+ Human Race on 31.08.08

Yeah! I did a total distance of 36.6km to-date! Which is almost a full marathon distance.. only to be split by 4 separate races... And also to mention that i have completed my 3rd race of 10km in this year 2008. Proud of myself.. despite the fact that i walk more than i run! haha~!

This nike+ race is full of youngsters.. with a lot of the runners as their 1st attempt. And it my 1st race which i get to be in the same category as my hb. But still, wen the race started.. he ran off w/o me.. only called me half way thru the race to tell me that his leg hurts, and he slowing down to walk... Still, he completed 7min 34sec earlier than me.

Some of the route are congested.. and lot of walkers who road-blocked the path. So irritating lor. If not, i would have completed few min earlier. This is becoz even though i walk, i actually walk fast.. unlike the Human Jams, it SLOW walking to squeeze thru the congested area. So time is delayed. If not, my timing shd be similar to AHM.

Well, at least they are able to load the results online the next day. Unlike AHM, which results is still not out yet and the race was ard 1.5wks ago. Damn slow!

The online analysis of the Nike race was quite nice.. featuring the speed at each quarter interval. The finisher race bracelet was aveage.. not someting fantastic.

Some pics i took from hp n online:
Me at the "Starting Point" Poster!

Me ranked 194404th in the world! With an average speed of 7' 37"/km at the 2.5km mark.

Me ranked 6907th in Singapore! With an average speed of 8' 39"/km at the 5km mark.

Me ranked 2099th amongst the Females Runners in Singapore! With an average speed of 9' 16"/km at the 7.5km mark.

My final speed measures 7' 46"/km at the finish point, i.e. 10km!

Nice analysis by Nike+!

Will i join again next yr? I will tink twice! lol~


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