Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Electricity Bills increasing to 21% more from Oct

Wah sah! Really money not enough now! Tink Jack Neo can start producing Money-Not-Enough-3 now! Haha~!

Ytd news start reporting of increase electricity bills, and today reading the 我报 newspaper and saw tt it was a huge 21% jump! So given my ave bills of ard $100, jumping to $120+! Crazy sia! I don c my salary increments has such a huge jump of 20%? No wonder my bank a/c balance is gtg lesser money. Tog i overspent? But i tink it's the value per item has increased. Even though i spend on fewer items, the expenses are still high!

Weather nowadays are quite hot and humid, even at nite. And now we have slept in separate rooms. Not tt we have quarrel a lot, but we sending our dearest son to slp in his own room. And most of the time, i doze off beside him when i put him to bed... Therefore, we switched on 2 sets of fan! But on extreme hot weathers, we will utilise 1 room air-con, and try to squeeze back into 1 rm.

So now with the supper ex electricity bills, i muz tink of more ways to save electricity:
1) Muz remind hb not to use water heater during daytime.
2) No Air con, or only aircon for 2hrs, den switch to fan.
3) Stop sterilizing son's bottle. He's gng 2yo. So it's time to stop sterilizing. And fed him with some 'germs', so he can learn to survive.
4) No switching of more than 3lights in the house. Hb alone can switch on 3 lights at home. 2 in living rm, 1 in study rm! Power sia? Coz he can watch movie (TV + DVD) & surf net at the same time! Multi-tasker will incur more electricity bills!

Let's hope our electricity bills for Oct onwards will remains at $100!! Let's try our best!


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