Sunday, November 9, 2008

Economy Downturn...

The whole world is in a mess now... Ple retrenched, ple lose their hard-earned $ in investments, salary reduced, bank interest rate reduce.. yet expenses are increasing? Money is really not enough now!

But so far so good, i'm not directly affected by any retrenchment or investments loss. Only thing affected is our bonus.. which i suppose will have a huge impact on my savings. Reason is becoz i only save my bonus. As for my mthly salary, i often spend to the max! I understand that it is not healthy to do that.. but shopping is my best hobbies!

I will try and cut down my shopping expenses... starting fr dec i tink! Hee~!

Coz i'm gng Genting/KL nxt wk! Finally.. a short 3-days overseas trip to relax, and break-free fr my son! Actually tog of gng Phuket, but it's a bit rush as v havent check out the good hotels in tt area, plus our budget are quite tight. Hb complaining he juz spent a lot in his bangkok trips on my stuffs (which 70% of them i cant fit in. Haha!) So to make sure v are able to enjoy ourselves n spend comfortably, so i agreed on Genting/KL.

Juz the 2 of us. Finally! Our last trip with the 2 of us only was dated back in oct 2005, aka Korea Honeymoon! After which, most of our overseas trip are wif frenz or family, not including JB. So let's hope we can have a nice time together... n whether will we be able to produce a "made-in-genting" offspring.. A bit tough given my irregular visit.. n based on calculation.. may not be achieveable.. but still.. we will try.


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