Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today sounds like a nice date to remember.. 090909.. Lots of ple say it a good date for marriage.. 999 in Chinese means long-lasting. However, as it falls in the lunar 7th mth, aka ghost mth. Therefore no much weddings are held on this date. Maybe some ROMs or non-chinese are having weddings today bah.

For me, I’m not gtg married again. I just hoping & praying that my girl will pop! Today is the 37th wk & 6th day! I only left with 2 wks to EDD, so why cant she juz pop today? I have so much difficulties walking ard, sitting down, & even laying down to slp. Cant really slp well even if I slp early at nite. Keep waking up juz to shift my tummy from one side to the other side. I have to occupy 2/3 of a king-sized bed! Terrible!

Anyway, I love today date coz it gng to be easy for me to rmbr her birthday if she is born today. I always take some time to recall my son’s bday. What a failure mummy m I hor! But I read in the forum that TMC is super crowded last nite, bed & labour wards r full! Tink every mummies like me wan a 090909 baby. I don wan to be induce. I’m wan a natural born baby.. so all I can do now is WAIT for water bag breaking, spotting or more closely-interval contractions…

Girl, r u coming out today???


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