Monday, April 13, 2009

Sick for a week.

Sian. I hate to fall sick, esp during my pregnancy. Tis is the 2nd time I fell deeply sick, excluding all those stupid morning sickness. Came down with running nose suddenly last tue afternn. Endure on wed, wen I tog of taking half day off to c doctor. I “ren” until the nite wen I came crawling into a clinic for MC and some useless medicine. Bad cough & non-stop running nose. Yes I got an mc for thu. Medicine… juz mild medicine tt wont heal me. Slpt thru the whole mrng on thu after sending son to sch. Late afternn took lunch n was stuck at the pc till evening. No appetite for the nite. Simple instant noodles n tt it for the so-called rest day.

Lucky fri was a PH. And my maternal family welcomed me n son wif wide open arms. Coz my stupid hb is working day shift. Rot at my maternal hse while others baby-sit my son. My mum cooked some tonic soup to reduce my cough (though it din heal, but I appreciate.) I requested for home cooked popian, and I got it for my meals! Wahaha.. I luv to prepare n eat my own-packed popian. Yummy. My dad was sweet aso. He fetched us fr mrt stn, and even accompanied us for a cab ride home. He even paid for the cabby fare. Haha~!

Sat, had to vacuum n mop the hse plus look after son by myself alone. Where the heck is the hb? He’s gone photo-shooting. Despite he need slp for his nite shift, he left hse at 7+am, came home only at 2pm! He slept for a few hrs b4 leaving hse at 5+ for his nite shift. I was worry abt his lack of slp, but I totally heck care abt him. He deserved it if he’s not gtg enuff slp. Not tt son was disturbing him, but he chose to go photo-shooting at such a timing! Lucky he had helped to coax son to slp wif him, if not I gng to scream his head off!

Sun, send son to his enrichment class at tpy. Tiring day, and perhaps it’s pretty cloud n windy day. Son fell asleep on the way home in train. I had to carry him. It was drizzling when we alighted fr train. I tried to catch a cab but the queue was super long n no cabby came along. So I had to lug son back home all by myself, my back carrying the bag, hand grabbing an umbrella, and another hand carrying son. I was very extreme tired. I tried called hb for help, but he rather slp den to answer my help! Wen I finally reach home, son dozed off for ard 15mins n woke up liao. Pissed off lor.. carry him all the way back to his comfortable bed, n yet he slpt for such a short while. The rest of the day.. I was totally angry wif hb n ignore him totally. Selfish guy who care abt his photos n not me n son!

I simply hate his job! Juz becoz his job is working long shifty hrs, means I have to care for the whole family by myself? Hey! I’m preggie and has to juggle wif a hyperactive toddler. It’s tough. My health has never been good when it come to preggie. I require sufficient rest. Now tt I’m so lack of rest, I fall sick so easily. Even now at 4mths+ preggie, I still have vomit at certain time of the day. My work is busy.. reach home I’m also busy. I grumble so many times to Hb, but he simply has no response. All he care abt is his fucking frenz and his photos…


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