Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New updates on my Baby

Had a rollercoaster ride for the past few days:


Clear 1 day of leave. So since i'm alone n no1 free to mit up wif me. I slept till 10am and took a train down to Amoy Food Centre to have a bowl of $2 lor mee! Next i walk to Int'l Plaza & Tanjong pagar to digest my food before heading to Amara Hotel for a bowl of Curry Chicken w/Bread! All my fav foods!

In fact, i even wanted to eat the Annie Peanut Ice Kachang at Tanjong Pagar & Hum Chim Pang at Maxwell Mkt. But too bad, my legs are tired. So i skipped these and took a bus to Chinatown. The food mkt has been renovated, and i don seem to be able to find some of my fav stores, like the yong tau foo & the vegetarian beehoon. Nevertheless, i still grab a popian & tabao "Er-Gu" peanut & sesame paste for my parents n myself. I went over to my dad's shop to pass them the dessert, chat a while n went hm to sleep.


Company Dinner & Dance @ Hilton Hotel
It was fun, every1 dress up prettily for the event. I had a temporary tattoo on my left arm, a face pic drawn by a caricaturist. There was this game organised by the MC for the nite, which involve running ard the table. I was banned from playing coz i'm pregnant. And to make things worse, the MC say i must come to the front of the stage. So end up everyone who attend the D&D know i preggie. Everyone congras me wen i came back to office. :( Another highlight of the D&D is i won the 11th prize, which is a $100 taka voucher. Yeah! I can get a new baby pram with the voucher!

21/2/09 & 22/2/09

These 2 days were bored as i stayed indoor most of the time. Except for the meal break. On sun nite, i vomit out my dinner and had a terrible stomach pain coz by the vomit.


It's the Day to visit my dearest baby aka Gynae visit! After sending ah boy to school, hb n i went to catch the Pink Panther 2! Follow by a cheap but very full-filling japanese lunch. Only $16 for 2 main course and 3 plates of side dishes! A walk ard AMK Hub before heading down to TMC.

Even though our appointment at 2.15, but wen the clinic door is open, we are the 1st patient! hee~ My dearest baby is measured 27mm.. and i am 9wks 3days preggie! But my edd has been pushed back to 25 Sept, 1 day before bro's wedding. If i really give birth on 25, i worry tt my hb n son may not be able to attend his wedding also. Pray tt i give birth early bah! Gynae has been asking if we wan to take the Oscar test, which costs $404 w/o GST for it and detailed scan. Quite exp, but hb still decide to take it. I hope the results r good as i really wan a normal baby.

Next we head to Guan Im Temple to pray for a baby girl and the safety delivery and both mum and baby are healthy and safe! Went ard bugis before snacking at KFC. Very angry coz my hb ate up 2/3 of the food. End up i still straving as before. Next we went boat quay as hb has something to do there. Had a drink n a slice of cake at TCC while waiting for hb. Next we took the crowded train back to sbwg. Had MOS burger for dinner and head home.


Back to office. Sian.. Waiting for 6 pm... haha~


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