Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ugly Communters on MRT rides

I'm always feel proud to be a Singaporean as Singapore is politically stable & a safe country. But 1 thing i don dare to acknowledge of my citizen status when it come to manners. I deeply ashamed at how come Singaporeans, or those living in Singapore who never wish to learn their manners from other developed countries. Let me just quote 1 simple incident: MRT Rides. I can list countless of bad manners & selfishness just relating to mrt rides only.

1) Big Ticket Counter (i don really noe the actual name of that item)
As there was an increasing need for wheel-chairs or baby prams or bigger objects to pass thru those ticketing counter, MRT stations have inserted a bigger pass-thru ticket counter. Even though the counter has specifically stated to "GIVE WAY TO WHEEL CHAIRS & PRAMS". Still many communters ignore the msg, and even though they are healthy & skinny, they will still walk thru the big counter. They wont even give way to those who are waiting at the other side who need to use the counter to come out/in, even though they have wheelchairs or prams. So ple like me who has a prams, has to wait patiently & LONG for these LAZY ple to pass thru before I get to use the counter to exit! Y i say they are lazy, coz they can walk a few steps more to the normal counters, but they wan snatch the rights wif me... Worst are some who actually cut queue. I was waiting for these LAZY ple to pass thru, when more ple come along n follow closely behind these LAZY ple, doubling my waiting time....

2) Escalator
I notice a lot of developed countries like Japan, their ple are very discipline. They are able to follow the rules of keeping left on escalator. However, despite Singapore escalator has signs that indicate "Keep Left", no1 wan to follow. I find that this rule is so simple to follow, but i simply don understand how come singaporeans doesnt wan to follow. It's not like it gng to cost u $$ just to keep to the left?? It's really help u a lot, esp in times of need n u r in a hurry, u can use the right side to over-take, thereby saving u lot of time n trouble fr saying "Excuse Me"!

3) Boarding & Alighting from Trains
U notice the yellow signs on the floor? U heard of the PA systems annoucing & in the past education, "GIVE WAY TO ALIGHTING PASSANGERS"! So who has ever listen to this announcements? Nobody wan to line up and board the train in an orderly manners, after passengers have alighted! Come on, let's look at Taiwan & our neighbouring country: Malaysia. Their people all queue up and board in an orderly manners. But i seemly don understand y singaporean cant? If i'm alighting, sometimes i will push n knock hard at those who forced their way in when I'm havent even alight. And if i boarding, i will block those behind me fr boarding until the passengers have alighted. Nobody wan to educate them, den i use my body language to teach them!

4) Priority Seats
In the past, i tink there are only a few priority seats in a cabin. But now, all the corner seats are fixed with Priority Seats. So how "Priority" are these seats? For those bullies who will never give up their seats to sit? Then in the 1st place, don even give them a chance to sit. I tink in Japan, priority seats are only occupied by the old, handicapped, pregnant & with small children. If there are none of these ard, nobody will even wan to sit on these seats even though the train is crowded & all normal seats are occupied. This shd be the case for our train. Don allow any1 to sit, only those with special needs then can sit. Singapore is a Fine Country. So let's fine those who sit there! And how abt issuing those in need a special mrt pass, so those with pass are allow to sit. Those w/o pass & sit there, will be fined immediately.

Next, even though the priority seats are occupied, why cant the other commuters give up seats? Juz take these mrng for eg, i saw a pregnant lady who is ard 7mth preggie. Nobody offer her a seat even though she stood in front of 5 people. 2 of them wear teen girls, 1 working young man, 1 man with a bit of white hair, n 1 auntie at the priority seat. I'm disappointed at the teen girls & young man. Why cant every1 put others in their shoes? How do u feel wen u grow up n preggie 1 day, or ur wife is heavily prgnt, n no1 refused to give up seats for u/her? Or when u grow old, with weak legs, no1 give up seats for u?

5) Eat & Drink or Loud Music
This is a public place. This is not a hawker centre, restuarant, kitchen, canteen or pantry, so y do communters eat & drink on a train? Too bored & hungry? Eat in the correct places 1st b4 u board the train! A lot of these rules-breaking are caused by students. So it's time school provide these educations beside sex educations!

Loud music: This is a train when ple use as a transport. It is not a discotheque or ballroom or karaoke room. Why play loud music n blast other communters' ears. Have some self-discpline n keep the volume to yourself. If u only like loud music, den stay at home n listen till enough, then u step out of the hse.

I guess there are more problems that can be found on the mrt rides, but above are those that i cant stand the most.

It really shows the ugly side of Singapore. When can the mrt spend more money to educate the public. I'm sure if we have a better behaviour in the mrt, it will attracts more tourists and also show the world that not only we are a stable country, we are also very polite & well-manner!

Please.. someone do something...


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