Thursday, December 4, 2008

Body Massage

When's the last time you went for a nice body massage?

I juz went for 1 massage ytd. The massage was great, but i was quite unsad & angry with the service after the massage.

I have bought the massage package quite some time ago. Tink 10mths ago (based on my installment bill). The package was 12 sessions, and it consider expensive to me. The distance was quite far, at Raffles Plc. Initially i have no intention to sign up, but i tink i give in very easily. So far i went for 7 sessions only, and i'm quite pissed off with the beauty advisors. They are very persistance and keep asking me to upgrade my package. I really enjoy the massage & scrub. The beauty therapists are very nice. But the advisors & distance & costs really put me off. I still left wif 5 sessions.. And imagine i have to endure their persistance of making me sign up more...

One of the consultants even come up wif a very funny lie lor. She mentioned tt fr Jan 09 onwards, they are not gng to give free scrubs & tummy wrap. Scrubs will costs $70 & tummy wraps at $60. If i sign up more now, i still entitled to the free scrubs & wraps! She muz tink i'm easy to cheat ar. Massage + Scrub, other spas are selling at only $80. Their massage already costs $120, excluding GST. Plus the distance & time i travelled down & up... How i wish i can stop gng now. But i gng to lose $500 worth of services. Tink i rather spend 15mins of rejecting them then to sacrifice my $ hor?

Anyone wan to go for a nice spas, let me noe. I can bring u along, n it will speed up my sessions! Only for women are welcome, as i was told that men only have massage n eye masks. No tummy wrap or scrubs. $120 worth of massage & eye masks. I rather go for facial then!

Economy is bad already.. I muz muz muz NOT sign anymore instalment bills!


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