Thursday, December 4, 2008

Genting - KL - Day 2

Woke up at 9am and after a quick change, we head to the bus terminal to secure 2 tix down to KL. We took a bus at 10.30am, and had a little & simple breakfast, juz in case we vomit out on our bus ride down to KL. Initially we tog the bus was driving super fast and estimate the possibility to reach within 30min. However, KL is struck wif Traffic Jams everywhere.. so we still end up taking an hr long bus ride.

Our itiniary is to go KLCC for A&W, follow by sungei wang Megamart, and take a bus back by 7pm.

Since we were alighted near some train stations, we try out their KL trains, took a monorail, and then change to a LRT. The changing of trains is really sucks! Unlike Sgp, u don have to exit the tix station when changing from MRT to LRT. In KL, u have to totally alight from the monorail station and walk ard 1km to the LRT station. The train tix, you have to purhcase directly from the counter, no tix machine ard. :( So have to queue for a while if the station is crowded during peak period.

Upon reaching KLCC, 1st store we stepped into is the A&W. We ordered my fav LARGE root beer float & curly fries. Damn delicious woh.. After our lunch, we browse ard in KLCC, din buy anything, except that i spot a very nice Billabong polo Tees for my son. I was quite broke as i lose RM 200 in casino. And the Tee is not cheap, RM 109, equivalent of S$50! So i left the billabong shop empty handled. A bit regret nvr buy..

Next we went to Sungei Wang by a cab. A lot of mini shops like far east, bugis village. However, all the clothes are not my size, or quality is bad. So after walking round n round, we end up at Metro & Isetan, where i brought more of my son's clothes & 1 blouse. Saving the blouse for my CNY.

It was raining wif thunderstorm wen v plan to head to the bus terminal. So we took a quick dinner, and was guided by the shop assistant to the LRT, where we took the train back to the bus terminal. Bought tix back to Genting at 6pm. And thanks to the city jams & rain, we reach back Genting at 7.30! 1hr 30min.. felt asleep in the bus.

Nite time, a bit of shopping & more casino. Hb was addicted to casino, while i was very sian, as i keep losing. Hb won a bit & treat me to a slice of cake & supper buffet! The supper buffet sucks! Very little food, although it only costs RM12 (S$5+) per pax. Wasnt full, but glad i had a cake b4 tt buffet. I left casino for the hotel rm alone again!!! Hb stay put to win some more $ as he lose his winnings at the table again. He totally has no luck for the table games.


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