Monday, November 24, 2008

Sin-Genting-KL-Genting-Sin - Day 1

Super VIP Coach wif TV, games & massage chair.
Spend a 3D 3N trip to Msia last wk. Went off at 11pm Super VIP coach from Golden Mile Complex. Reach Genting at ard 4.30/5am. As there was no available rooms, so we deposited our bag at the counter, before heading to the Casino. Really hate the smoke inside the casino... especially 1 room, u stepped in, u smell of a smoker wen u come out. Walk ard and hb tried his luck on the baccarat. Lost RM100 in the game. Next we move onto the 'tiger machine' : Cash Fever. Hb was exploring the machines and he easily won back his loss RM100 and more... And poor me, i lose RM100 juz on playing tiger machine. No cash 'Fever'!

Feeling hungry, we went off for our breakfast. Had a simple mac breakfast, as most restaurants are not open for the day yet. After that, went ard to explore first world hotel. It's was the sch holidays, and a lot of school brought their students up for the theme park games. And since it was the holidays, the theme park opened earlier than usual. We grab our tickets and played some indoor games before heading out to the outdoor games. Only played a total of 6games before hb dragged me to check into our Resort Hotel.

Still no empty room at 11am, so we went to play the Snow City, have a promo of RM10/pax. And then back to check-in hotel.

Next, we headed to our meal of the day, Ah Yi Abalone. Hb promised he will treat me to this restaurant, and will order the set menu of RM99++ per PAX! We had shark fin soup, abalone, Swan's paw, bird nest tart, herbal leave fried rice, almond dessert. And we ordered side dish of dian xin. Have a very full lunchie.. So full that i almost doze off while watching magascadar 2 at the cinema.

Went back to the hotel to doze off after the movie... n only woke up at 7+. Had a quick dinner at Lao You Zi (Old Friends Restuarant). Then hb drag me to casino again. Damn, i lose another RM100 again. And i went back alone to the hotel rm, while hb chiong his good luck as he won another RM 100 at the tiger machine. However he dump them all at the table again...


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