Thursday, December 4, 2008

Genting-Sin - Day 3

Woke up at 9am, pack & change before heading for breakfast. Buffet breakfast tis time round! But Hb din like the buffet spread. After breakfast, it's casino again. Does it sound sian to u??

Nevertheless, hb won some $$, and he lose them again at other tiger machine. For me, i finally won back my RM200! Overall, i lose RM30. But still, i'm glad tt i din lose tt much. Wen it time to stop, i quickly drag hb out of the casino! Shopping again + Lunch + Check Out. Brought a toy dog for son, couple keychains for ourselves, necklace for myself, a DOB bear for hb's godsis (cant find our birthdates, so din buy the bears for ourselves) & tabao 6pcs of Bird Nest Tarts for ourselves n Parent-in-Law. I intend to buy for my family, but it doesnt last long or it spoilt. Cost RM5 per tart! I'm happy tt i ate 3 tarts in total for tis Genting Trip. Hee~!

Overall, i spend only S$250 for this whole trip. Other expenses like hotel, coach, food: fully sponsored by Hb (who called him to cheat my feelings! wahaha~!).


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