Friday, December 5, 2008

Pengerang Trip on 30 Nov 08

Hb's collegues & sis went to Pengerang last mth. They told hb tt the seafood there was very cheap, esp the lobster. So hb brought me and his friend, Kwek to eat seafood on 30 Nov!

Kwek fetch us to my parents' hse where we left my son at their care. Next we head towards Changi Jetty to board the bumboat to Pengerang. We were told that the boat will only leave upon 12 passengers. We waited for nearly an hr, and still doesnt not mit the 12 passengers requirement. That's wen the boat owner say tt if we are willing to fork out more cash, 9 of us can book a boat over. Initial boat ride cost is S$9 per pax. But to avoid waiting longer, we end up paying S$12 ea. Oh, kids has no discount. Same price of S$12! Lucky we din bring son along. Haha~
The boaty ride was 45min long... Kwek & Hb fell asleep while me busy playing my Psp! Haha~
Next, we shared a cab wif an auntie, who seems to look like a local Pengerang resident. In fact, she is smart to share cab wif us. As the cab ride to the town area, where the restaurants are located, is actually RM20. Since she has shared wif us, she only nid to pay RM5. If she took the cab by herself, she will end up paying RM20 alone. Smart lady ar? But then, she is kind enuff to advise us which restaurants are good for us to try. And she seems to noe the taxi driver. So for our return trip, the driver gave us a name card so that he can drive us back after our meal.
Wen we reach Lucky Restaurant, it was quite crowded. Esp a few tour coaches brought some tourists to that restaurant for meals. We try to order the food b4 the tourists settled down at their table. But still our food took almost an hr to be served! Still, it is deserved the wait!

Hb & Kwek enjoying the food
See how big the lobster? Bigger than my palm!
We ordered:
1) 1 kg Black Pepper Crab (ard 2 crabs) (RM40 per kg)
2) 1 kg Chilli Crab (ard 2 crabs)
3) 1 kg Lobster (ard 3 lobsters= served 6pax= RM100)
4) 400g of Drunken Prawns
5) White Pomfret
6) 6 nos. Fried Bun
7) 3 bowl of white rice
8) 3 nos. Coconut
9) 3 Canned Drinks
Total Bill: RM270 only!!!
Which is equivalent to RM90 per pax, S$40 per pax woh!
In fact the food we ordered, is enuff to feed more than 3pax.. haha.. the shop owner aso tink we ordered too much. Still, we finished all! We wanted to tabao the lobster for my parents.. but the restaurant staff said that we need to wait an hour just to tabao 1 kg of lobster! She said if i intend to tabao, we should have order together with our main order. Then the cook can prepared on time. As there are continous inflow of tour groups, therefore side order need to wait for these tour grps order are cooked, before they can serve us. So no chance.. nvm. They are gng desaru tis sat also. And think will include lobster lunch also.
On our way back, i tabao some lao po bing for them. Coz like very bad, din buy anyting for them. Taxi uncle is kind enuff to stop by and let me grab some food items. Haha...
Back at the jetty, waited 30min b4 we got a boat back to Sgp. Spent half a day juz for a seafood meal. Quite enjoyable if it is once in a while. haha~


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