Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sudden had a cravings for many items.. some items have been craving since quite long ago.

1) Satay & Chix Wings.. but fulfilled my cravings ytd.. Damn happy!

2) RAW Salmon, seasoned sotongs & jellyfish.. my jap food.... Hai~
Regret not eating as much as i like 2mths ago..
And ple ard me keep reminding me to avoid.. which make my cravings more stronger... Shit!
Long of weddings banquets coming, n most banquets r served wif seasoned sotongs or jellyfish as their 1st appetitzer dishes. I'm gng to be a bad girl n eat some.. haha~ Ssssh..!

3) Satay beehoon.. fr AMK central food centre.
Oh.. had 1 plate b4 CNY eve.. or shd say half a plate. Tt day, son was with me, so i bought a plate of chix rice to share wif him. But end up he din wan to eat.. Saw my sis eating satay beehoon, 1 of my fav dish fr the food centre. So order 1 more plate but too full to finish whole plate. Was quite sad tt day.. Now tempting to eat 1 plate of satay beehoon. When will hb bring me go eat again?

Had bbq & steamboat buffet for lunch ytd. Wonder wat's my weight gain for the buffet? haha.. too ashamed to measure myself on the weighting machine. lol~


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