Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Niu Year

Had a supper long Lunar Niu Year Break!

Forced leave fr wed to fri. Follow by on leave on mon, MC leave fr mon to wed. So basically, i took a total of 6days of leave.. super long sia..

Spend almost 1 whole wk doing hse visiting or welcoming guests to my hse. I was very tired coz i wasnt feeling well thru out the new year.. And guess i over-exert myself during the CNY period, therefore i was given 2.5 days of being a tai tai.

Haha.. so my life as a tai tai revolve abt slping late, eating, watch tv n surf net.. Cool life.. but a bit boring.. as i cant go out party.. and it's ending today.. 2mr back to my normal life.. work, WoRk & WORK! Will be expecting piles of work load on my table, for MIA for 3days!

Hai.. better take gd care of myself b4 i fall sick again..


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