Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Ssshh! Did u hear anything?

CNY 2009 is fast approaching.. in fact it is only less than 2 wks away... And i'm so unprepared for tis CNY! I'm wondering y no mood at all? Lots of stuffs are undone, nothing much is fully prepared at all!

1) Spring Cleaning
I have wanted to spring clean since Dec last yr.... but till today, my whole hse has not finish cleaning. Hb took leave to clear some of the cupboards, so tt our little rascal is not ard to mess out the things. During my cleanings at the wkends, little rascal will peep into my cleaning zone n played n messed up my matter how i chase him away, he will still come running back to me!

2) New Year Goodies
Biscuits, sweets, drinks, oranges... None have been bought yet! Are we power? It's seem like v have no intentions to celebrate CNY at all.. Now waiting for hb to decide wen to pop over to jb for biscuits shopping... Wen hb can "trick"his friend for a ride to tpt the drinks & oranges back to our hse fr supermkt...

Oh.. no forgetting my bak kwa! I still waiting for my cousin to return fr his overseas trip n go queue at the famous Lim Gwee Yuan Bak Kwa for me! Haha~ My kaisu bro wen queue 1wk+ ago.. n i worry it may turn bad b4 CNY, so i din order fr my bro. Now has to beg on any1 who go queue to get 1/2 kg for me... Anyway, i have been tricking ple ard me to go queue, including my hb's collegue, Yi An. Haha~

3) CNY Gifts
Hb has tricked a friend to help tpt a BIG n NICE CNY hamper to my parents' hse. Erm.. i havent seen the hamper, but my mum say it's very big n nice.. Look like my mum like it a lot.. N it's different from the yearly canned abalone or shark fin soup i sent them. Tis yr, my MIL don wan bak kwa, n they requested for canned abalone. But we havent go buy the abalone yet.. hai~

4) CNY Clothes
Hb's clothes are partially purchased. He said he lack of ties, shoes.. as he gng for formal wear tis yr. No more casual shirt for him.
As for me, i have continously bought lots of clothes.. but tink i havent fully washed all the clothes nor iron them... hopefully i sort them out by tis wkends.
As for my dear son, i'm not sure if i have bought enuff clothes for him. haha.. even if there are sufficient, i tink i havent wash them all yet..

I'm tink i'm gtg lazier! Wahaha~

5) CNY Angbaos
I havent change the angbao money, nor collect enuff angbao packets. I noe Citibank Angbaos design sucks (juz 2 gold fish only).. OCBC is nice (a colourful plant + a 4-character idiom).. havent seen DBS yet. Hb say will go change money today.. so c where he go change..

6) CNY Tpt
Yes! We finally got a tpt for CNY wk. Hb rented a car at ard $900 for a 8-day period. So v get to drive ard to anywhere, anytime. Cheers! The amt burn a huge hole in our pocket.. but i hope it's well spend.

Is there anything i have left out???

Hai~ Stressful pre-CNY period...


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