Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yahoo Top Search 2008

Found an interesting websites, so will like to share with everyone.

Yahoo! Singapore's Top Searches 2008 takes the pulse of Singaporeans on the Web. It's a chance for us to showcase what you, our users, were buzzing about and looking for online throughout this year.

This year celebrity scandals from Hong Kong (Edison Chen) to Hollywood (Miley Cyrus) got Singaporeans all hot and bothered, but not as much as Mas Selamat Kastari's escape. A not-so-little spat between bloggers Dawn Yang and Xiaxue topped off a year of strong interest in hot celebrity women such as all three Beach.Ball.Babes, Megan Fox, and Liu Yi Fei.

It was also a year of firsts. Tragically, Lo Hwei Yen became Singapore's first victim of terrorism. We held a great first F1 night race - nevermind the road closures - and won our first ever Silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. Table tennis will never be the same again.

Finally, proving that Singaporeans are an eternally practical (read: money-minded) bunch, interest in the ups and downs - mostly downs - of SGX shares was high, as was bargain-hunting for $2 COEs, stretching our dollars with a currency converter, and - only in car-mad Singapore - visiting a website to monitor petrol pump prices.

For those who will like to read more, click here.


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