Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick, SiCk, SICK!

Everyone is sick.. coughing everywhere.. my dept can hear cough everywhere...

And now my cough is spreading to everyone in my family! My son kena cough n flu last wed. Had a fever on fri & skipped sch. He vomitted 2-3times so far... n today still sick. No sign of improvement!

So m i! Coughing away... throat gtg worse! Morning sickness still hanging ard.. relentant to disappear even though i pass the 1st trimester.

Now my stupid hb, instead of taking gd care of sicky son and me, went to Sentosa n took bikini gals pic. End up falling sick last nite. I really don wan bother abt him.. he ask for it to be sick! Nobody ask him pay $$ to fall sick! He deserved it!

So now my whole family is sick:
Daddy sick, mummy sick, son sick, baby sick (tt y caused mummy to have morning sickness)!!!

I'm very tired.. very very very tired..


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