Friday, July 3, 2009

28 Wks.. Meaning 3 months left!

Yippee! My tummy looks like I’m 8-9mths preggie.. but I only 7 mths now. But I don care! I still got a whole list of items to get ready for my newborn & confinement.

Yesterday, we finally get a new baby pram, capella. It’s having a sale at 20% disc at selected shops. Hb suggested using our Credit cards pts to redeem voucher.. and after working out the figures.. We decide to buy at Metro – Causeway pt. So end up we only paid $50 for a $200+ pram. Shiok! Great savings!

I try convince hb to get me a confinement lady (CL).. but I seem unable to get a good n cheap one, neither are there any cheap one available as they are fully book. Sian. Does it means I really got to depend on hb & the food caterer? He’s so stingy when it come to engaging a CL. He keep assuring me that he be on leave to accompany me.. only gng back to work on some days. I really wonder if I will be gtg enough rest. And will he really help me? My previous confinement, I only know he has his mum to serve me. So he glued to the PC or the TV most of the time.. mayb 10% on the baby. Now he nid to spend entire 100% on the baby.. n I doubt he can do that… L Stupid hb!

Hospital bag, Not yet packed.. but already prepared a list of items to pack. Got some long pants for the hospital stay.. & still deciding on which tops to wear? Pyjamas or camisoles? Then nid to get the maternity pads.. watch my nursing bras..

Baby bed.. Nid to "sun" the bed, wash the bedsheets & the pillows. The baby clothes.. & we haven’t buy the baby’s cupboard yet. Hai..

My post-natal massage, not yet book.. although I got a list of contacts & their pricing.

Confinement food caterer. Not yet book, even though I decided which caterer to order.

Baby Name. Arh! This sucks.. tog of it in the past.. but haven’t discuss wif hb yet.

I better wake up n get some of the above things settle! I do have bad contractions sometime of the day. So better pray it come out after 9wks from now.. I wan a matured born baby.. no premature baby please.. Bless me & my girl!


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