Friday, July 3, 2009

Spree shopping

At first I thought that since I’m preggie now, I wont b spending much on shopping as spree are mostly on clothes items. Who know suddenly I glance upon the KS/coach spree.. n I have being looking for a KS or coach wallet for a very long time. So after 2 days of looking thru all the sprees, I finally picked a wallet costing S$188! Estimate will arrive on 15th of this mth & has to self-collect at Yishun. Gd thing is that we are allow to check on the quality before paying balance half of the item. So I should wait patiently for my wallet.. hee~

Actually I was aiming a new bag.. ard $400-500+. However, a colleague in my office has a similar shape of the bag, n as I don particularly like this colleague, so I rather not to get such a bag. Also the price is quite exp.. I nid to think 2x as I still got lots of items to purchase for my delivery. Perhaps after my baby is born, n when I have spare cash.. den will start my shopping madness again. Hee~


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