Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes, I’m left with ard 15 wks more to welcome my 2nd baby. Very looking forward to it, coz I think it’s going to be a baby girl. Every time I shop ard online or at shopping ctrs, I always see lots of pretty dresses ard. So I really wish to doll up my princess when she is born. Hopefully she looks as pretty as mummy! Haha~!

Last thu, I almost collapsed & fainted. I wasn’t sure what had happen. I was reading newspaper while waiting for my company bus to work when my vision turned blur & whole body turned weak. I felt like sitting or squatting down as I doesn’t seem to have the strength to stand straight. Lucky it only lasts a short 2-3min before I recovered. My bus came n after I boarded the bus, everything seems to be okay again. I seriously doubt it’s the hot weather as it was raining in the early mrng while I’m still slping in bed. I had a breakfast & drink before I left my house. It happened so suddenly and I cant really understand why it happen. Only thing I can relate to will be my pregnancy. People from the forum say I may have low blood pressure.. n suggest I kept some sweets in my bag. So if I felt like fainting again, it’s best to eat the sweets. So I got to get some sweets soon. And I must remind myself to inform my gynae on the next visit, mayb need to get some iron pills also.

My office is pretty down in luck recently. Just last last Monday, when we reported for work in the morning, we realized that our office is flooded with rain water due to a Saturday rain. Part of the conference room ceiling top has collapsed and thus the water has flooded the internal part of the office. 1 of my colleague’s PC broke down because of the flood. There was no supply of electricity at the office for the whole morning & partial afternoon. So those colleagues who cant do much work, are allowed to go off for the day, including me. So me went off for a nice cosy pizza lunch wif my colleagues before heading home to accompany my hb.

1wk+ past by and on last Friday, company is hit by burglary. Some unknown burglary came in from our side door and damaged a few of the doors, drawers & ransacked our cupboards & drawers. They hacked open 2 big safe box, by sawing the door apart from the safe box.. only to find nothing but papers & cheque books! The petty cash boxes are kept in our drawers, and the cash in the petty cash boxes are gone. I was in charge of ard $300 which was gone. The burglar opened my mini-lunch wallet, but they are stupid enough to open the wrong zip, so my one-and-only $5 note is still safe & sound in my side pocket of the wallet. Only thing lost in the wallet is an opened tissue packet. Haha~ Beside, the burglars also drank my colleague’s fresh milk from the fridge & left it open on the table. Of coz, police was called in to investigate & the milk was used as evident. Funny burglars hor.. purposely left evident behind? Haha~

Given such 2 bad incidents that happened in my office, I seriously doubt there be any salary increments for 2nd half of this year & my year end bonus will sure be affected. Sob sob~!

Nvm.. looking forward.. PC show is this wkend, and I’m determined to get a new lappie or netbook. But hb insists on a new compact camera so he can shoot some nice pics with the newborn baby. So hopefully we both get our wishes fulfilled!