Thursday, July 23, 2009

80% Prepared!

How I arrived at 80%? I dunno either. But I noe I more than 50% prepared for my delivery. I bought most of my things. So if I were to deliver now (which I hope not), I still can rush to the hospital wif a well-packed hospital bag!

Then wat abt the missing 20% +/-? Some of the things are still washing & drying.. so not yet pack into the bag directly. The newborn baby clothes are not yet washed. Me waiting till Aug then will wash them. Don intend to wash too early now. I still got 9wks to go. After I deliver, we need to shift the master bed & make way for the baby cot.

I ordered my confinement food catering & book my malay massager. I’m glad I managed to book a really cheap 1. The usual rate is ard $40-90 per session, & I got mine at only $34! Hope she is good! I still cant find my prenatal class notes. There are some exercises which I wanted to practice in the notes.. but I couldn’t find it ard my hse. Sad!

And names for my daughter?? Nothing yet! Sad! I need inspiration!

Last sat, my family met up wif 2 other families for a gathering. I was asking the other mummy & was surprise to find out that she still nursing her almost 2yo daughter. Oh my.. I’m very shocked & amazed at how great this mummy is. I couldn’t even pass 1mth. And she can feed up to 2yo. I salute the mum! Since I invest $200+ into a brand new pump, I must be determined & hardworking.. I must BF for at least 2 mths or even 6mths or more.. Shd put my target as 1year minimum. So to ensure I have sufficient BF support, I must get myself more nursing bra! Haha! Coz the more I spend.. the more I will feel the heart pain if I quit halfway. Am I right? Even a fren encourage me.. saying the amt I save from formula milk & the get-back-to-my-pre-pregnancy-size Marie France is more than enough for me to travel to Japan! Right? I shd aim towards the correct direction! Achieve my goal.. & be a more hardworking mum!

Oh ya, we have decided to bank my daughter’s cordblood. It gng to costs us $1k, but tis amt can be deducted from her CDA a/c.. so not so bad on my budget. So hopefully we are able to sign up before I deliver. Lol~

2 of my colleagues have delivered their babies. 1 is a male colleague’s wife who I suppose give birth to a boy on last sat or sun. The other is a Korean colleague who delivered a girl on sun. Congras to both Andrew & Michelle!

And I noticed a lot of my hb’s colleagues are giving birth to baby girls. My tummy is 1, Suan wen’s wife is another 1, Loh’s wife who is prgnt wif no. 2, is also a girl! My friend, Shihui who is prgnt wif no. 2, also a girl. Yeah! It’s gng to be female cows all over! Moo~~~ lol..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Standard Chartered Sgp Marathon Registration Opens Today!!!

Yeah! The annual event is open for registration today, 16 Jul! And the event details as follow:

Date : Sunday, 6 December 2009

Start Point : Esplanade Drive, The Esplanade Bridge

End Point : St Andrew’s Road, The Padang


I missed last year event as I was planning for my baby. So this year it will mark my first running event after I delivered. I hoped I have the time to recover & train up. So I will be taking the shortest distance category: 10KM. And of coz.. I gng to encourage & motivate my dear son to join this year. So I will be signing up for him too.

This year event will become a big event for my family, since daddy, son & myself will be joining. Hope we have lots of fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

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Friday, July 3, 2009

28 Wks.. Meaning 3 months left!

Yippee! My tummy looks like I’m 8-9mths preggie.. but I only 7 mths now. But I don care! I still got a whole list of items to get ready for my newborn & confinement.

Yesterday, we finally get a new baby pram, capella. It’s having a sale at 20% disc at selected shops. Hb suggested using our Credit cards pts to redeem voucher.. and after working out the figures.. We decide to buy at Metro – Causeway pt. So end up we only paid $50 for a $200+ pram. Shiok! Great savings!

I try convince hb to get me a confinement lady (CL).. but I seem unable to get a good n cheap one, neither are there any cheap one available as they are fully book. Sian. Does it means I really got to depend on hb & the food caterer? He’s so stingy when it come to engaging a CL. He keep assuring me that he be on leave to accompany me.. only gng back to work on some days. I really wonder if I will be gtg enough rest. And will he really help me? My previous confinement, I only know he has his mum to serve me. So he glued to the PC or the TV most of the time.. mayb 10% on the baby. Now he nid to spend entire 100% on the baby.. n I doubt he can do that… L Stupid hb!

Hospital bag, Not yet packed.. but already prepared a list of items to pack. Got some long pants for the hospital stay.. & still deciding on which tops to wear? Pyjamas or camisoles? Then nid to get the maternity pads.. watch my nursing bras..

Baby bed.. Nid to "sun" the bed, wash the bedsheets & the pillows. The baby clothes.. & we haven’t buy the baby’s cupboard yet. Hai..

My post-natal massage, not yet book.. although I got a list of contacts & their pricing.

Confinement food caterer. Not yet book, even though I decided which caterer to order.

Baby Name. Arh! This sucks.. tog of it in the past.. but haven’t discuss wif hb yet.

I better wake up n get some of the above things settle! I do have bad contractions sometime of the day. So better pray it come out after 9wks from now.. I wan a matured born baby.. no premature baby please.. Bless me & my girl!

Spree shopping

At first I thought that since I’m preggie now, I wont b spending much on shopping as spree are mostly on clothes items. Who know suddenly I glance upon the KS/coach spree.. n I have being looking for a KS or coach wallet for a very long time. So after 2 days of looking thru all the sprees, I finally picked a wallet costing S$188! Estimate will arrive on 15th of this mth & has to self-collect at Yishun. Gd thing is that we are allow to check on the quality before paying balance half of the item. So I should wait patiently for my wallet.. hee~

Actually I was aiming a new bag.. ard $400-500+. However, a colleague in my office has a similar shape of the bag, n as I don particularly like this colleague, so I rather not to get such a bag. Also the price is quite exp.. I nid to think 2x as I still got lots of items to purchase for my delivery. Perhaps after my baby is born, n when I have spare cash.. den will start my shopping madness again. Hee~