Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tired Day @ Work + a bit of happiness

Wat a tiring day to begin this morning. Perhaps I have over exert myself at my Amore gym class ytd evening. It has been sooo longgg since i last attended a fitness class. Tink it was last yr in nov/dec! And i begin my fitness by attending a fastpace kickboxing class. My legs almost wan to crack and break half-way thru the class.. I held on and manage to struggle thru the whole class.. and now i end up muscle pain all over, esp my thights. Kaoz!

1 gd news tt i discovered at my gym was i did not put on weight for my CNY feast! Which is great rite? I havent been eating proper dinner for most days and only snack on those left-over CNY goodies as supper. And i got no weight gain! Phew!!! I shd work doubly hard to slim down more... (*keeping my fingers "X" tt my shop wont make me so busy!)

I have been miting lots of friendly angmos ard lately. One nice angmo lady comments that my necklace looks very nice while v are inside a lift. This mrng another angmo gentleman, also happen in another lift, ask me who the boy at my hp? Wen i said he was my son, that gentleman comments I look so young to be a mother! Lol~! These simple comments brighten up my day! Even if it's a short conversation in lift (don ask me y it always happen in a lift?), it always nice to hear ple compliments u. So let spread the compliments ard...

"Your earrings/ necklace looks very pretty!"
"Your clothes look very nice.. and match very well with your necklace."
"You look sweet today!"
"Your smile brighten my days!"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Virgo StarCruise.. Here I come!

Oh Yeah! It's a dream come true for me! haha~! Y?...

Coz i have been wanted to go onboard a Virgo Cruise! And this dream was like many years ago. Wen i heard of Virgo cruise.. i already wish to go. Main reason is becoz I'm a Virgo! So it my cruise lor! And yet i was disappointed many times... Many kite-flyers whenever we almost gng to book for the trips... Plus Hb don really like cruise as his collegue say it's a waste of money... but still...

I going next mth! Yeah!!!! my long awaited trip.. My last long overseas trip (exclude JB) is to Taipei last July! Oh.. Half a yr i'm stuck in Sgp. So sad sia! And I'm staying at the room wif a balcony! VIP class! I wan slp in the balcony wif the stars & moon as my blanket! My mum say we will walk the 'red carpet'. Got free 1st drink! Additional dining credit. Free sauna! Free movie! Trip is 100% confirmed as we have paid already! Yippee hooray! Hb is coming along wif me, coz he nvr been to a cruise b4... and since i gng, he will join me. Wat a lame reason lor! Ask him go wif me only in the past, he don wan. Now i got company, he wan tag along... But I hack care him... coz most imptly is I get to go!

Boss wasnt too happy wif my timing of the trip.. but again.. i hack care him too! My cruise trip is more impt than anyting! Lolx!

Not bringing son along as he nid pay additional 25%! Plus he has no passport. His face is temporary disfigured, so not nice to take photos. And wif him ard, i doubt i get to enjoy myself throughly.

I'm counting down... 2wks more to go... 15days to be exact...

Friday, February 22, 2008

About me!

I actually wanted to update my Facebook profile. But i tink I wrote too long. So here I cut and paste into my own blog. And let you all envy me will do. Lol~!

About Me:

I'm a very easily satisfied person! Or perhaps I'm lucky to achieve a lot of things in life already.

I'm proud to have the following:

1) A Husband, whom I still deeply in love with.

2) A Son, whom always notti and yet cute at some times.

3) A Family (parents + brothers + sister), whom I love and always in contact with.

4) A House, which has ate up majority of my money.

5) A Job, which I always struggle to keep myself awake on wkdays!

6) A Business, which has kill most of my active brain cells.

7) A healthy body, which is the most important thing in life!

Now, What I lack:

1) A daughter, to complete my perfect family portait.

2) A holiday, to regenerate my brain cells.

3) A car, to reduce travelling time & at the same time, increase my expenses. :(

4) A tai-tai life, how life will be great if i can do nothing daily but eat, slp, chitchat, shop, play and spend. (*I'm dreaming! Ya i know..)

5) Last but not the least, money? Where has my money gone to? They all invested in assets under what I have!

So my life is not that cruel after all, at least i own 7 items as compare to 5 items which i lack. Some are achieveable in the near future.. so i still nid to:


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Mrs Lonely!

Coming end of feb, i will become a loner at my workplace. No more lunch kaki as everyone moving out of Orchard. Wat a sad ting hor? Adrian left me last yr, Yenli gng to leave me for a better pay job in kaki bukit. And i have no collegue to lunch wif me. So shd i consider myself lonely again? Or shd i say i regain my freedom? Free to lunch anywhere, shop anywhere my legs bring me to? Hai~!

I need a rest! Or a New JOB! I'm totally losing my interest in the current job. No mood to work. Everyday i telling myself to fall sick so i can get MC and rest at hm. I hate my work! Too routine and boring for me! I wan new challenges that brigthen up my spirits at work! But now.. whatever I do turns me down, make me yawn whole day thru-out my work. Any employers or job lobangs out there, pls PLS PLEASE inform me! I'm still wan to be an accountant. But in a differ company! And most imptly, i wan to have lots of collegues to lunch wif me!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Divorce Case again?

I juz found out last fri from a friend who read another friend's blog that she was divorced. It came surprise as she only ROM 2years ago? She held a grand ROM celebration in the same year as I have my "small peanut" customary weddings. She told me she will have her customary weddings a few years later coz she pretty broke after her ROM. And now, wat i know is she has divorced. I don noe the purpose of her divorced, but i felt sad for her.

She is the 2nd friend whom i have heard divorce right after their ROMs. Sometimes i feel that our society nid to open up more. Like encourage ple to stay together for a few mths b4 they are officially married. So that if they cant live and accomodate ea other during this short period, then might as well break up. It is far better than after ROM, then live together, breakup, separate and divorce only 3yrs later. Worse still if u own a hse, it takes another 2 more yrs before u split clearly away from ea other. Tis scenario happen to my 1st friend, who separate the nxt day after their grand ROM celebration. *Oppss.. it seems like it better not to have a huge ROM celebration* Ok.. it doesnt apply to all cases, as ple do divorce even if ROM in the ROM centre. My friend did purchased a flat before ROM and from what i heard, he rented out the flat and shifted back to his parents' hse. As they cant sell the hse till 5 yrs later, they still have to pay the hse installments mthly for 5 yrs. Sound like quite a long time hor.. so don rush into gtg a marriage juz becoz u wan to buy a hse...

My hb has received quite a few red bombs for this year. And we felt a bit sudden when 1 of his friends announce she is gtg married this jun. Let's hope she has really find the right one and is not rushing to marry juz becoz everyone does, and aso want to get out of her current hse. It's a joy to hear ple gtg marry, and I felt sad wen i hear ple r divorcing. So whatever it is, i hope i have more joyous occassions to attend and no more sad news from my friends.

Valentine's Day

Havent been catching much movie since I gave birth to ah boy. BUT.. since this CNY, i have caught 2 movies: CJ7 and KungFu Dunk. Well, both r comedies, which is my favourite type of movies.. lame storylines in both movies, but i still prefer KungFu Dunk.

Last thu was Valentine's Day. I felt like it's the 1st time hb celebrate V-day wif me on the day itself. Coz the norm was he either give me a present or v eat out on other days and nothing will happen on V-day, 14th feb every yrs. We both were working as usual, and he promised me a nice dinner after work. But he OT at work till 7+, and reach sun plaza at 8pm. Wen v head towards Country Mana, there were long queues outside the restuarant. I was surprised as the restuarant is never full, even on wkends. V were very hungry, so wan give it a miss and try out other restuarants like Sakae, Delifrance.. and everywhere is crowded and full of queues! Even Mac, KFC, cavana are crowded lor? Wah siao ah! I din realise everywhere on V-day is so crowded lor! I felt like eating foodcourts. In the end, we did end up in a restuarant, a fast-food restuarant called Mos Burger. Managed to find a seat and quickly grab our food.

It hard to deny the fact that V-day is so so Commerical! Even wen i wan buy Rocher chocolates at Taka during my lunch break, there is a queue at the counter. And it is not that Rocher is having cheap sales that day. It just becoz the day itself is V-day, everyone rushing to get V-day presents! My friend's bf is so scared of the crowd that he refuse to go out for dinner on V-day, which has ended up a small dispute btwn them. Wen i ask hb if this is the 1st yr v celebrate on V-day itself, he say No! V celebrated like 4yrs ago, but v have make a reservation, so no nid to Queue like crazy and fight with others for food. Look like in future, either we eat at home, or pre-reserve in advance. Scary sia!