Monday, April 20, 2009

Another check up

Ytd went for a gynae check up at 17w 4d. Everything abt baby is gtg on well. Baby gain some weight, while mummy lose some weight. My last visit 4 wks ago measure me n baby at 69.5kg. Ytd my visit still weight us at 69.5kg. This is my first time where I never gain any weight for a mth in my pregnancy. Lucky baby gained weight.. so I assumed I have lost weight. After so many stressful week, filled with daily walking exercise, insufficient meal intake, unpeaceful sleep…

My Daily Walking Exercise
I have been spending 30min walking to WL’s childcare in the wkday mrng. After work, if I manage to catch colleague’s car ride, it’s a 10min walk to MIL’s hse plus another 20min walk back to my hse after dinner. I only get some days off when my hb is not working. Even some days, hb is lazy to fetch son. I’m very tired from all these walking. I heard tt the more we walked, the easier is labour, faster is the labour process, or even give birth earlier. I hope they are all true. Coz I’m sick of walking ard… I wan my 4mth maternity leave…

Insufficient meal intake.
I do take at least 3 meals a day. On wkdays, I even take 4 meals a day, including tea break. I’m very sick of the food ard my workplace. So even though I order mixed rice with 3 dishes, most of the time, I never left with half of the rice n some dishes uneaten. At nite at MIL’s hse, sometimes her cooking or her dishes is not up to my taste. I end up eating little rice too. Come wkend is also worst. The outside food are okay. But as I need to share my meals wif my son, I either end up eating 2/3, or I run out of appetite after feeding son wif his food. So I guessed I really lose a lot of appetite in this trimester.

Unpeaceful Sleep
I have failed to slp thru the night in this so called ‘honeymoon’ trimester. Sometimes son wake up wif nightmare, n I have to coax him back to sleep. If he don wake up, I still sudden wake up and rotate ard in bed at many times of the nite. It’s not that I have full bladder. I really don noe the reason. And my dawn, I always feel so tired tt I wan to slp more. On wkends, I cant slp more dan 8am, as son wake up at 7+, by 8am, he be screaming for his morning milk, or turning the hse upside down.

Oh.. not to mention I’m having work stress too! Given additional work load without pay rise. It’s not that my office is retrenching people. 1 colleague who has resigned, and has another new colleague who has replaced her position. Yet my boss wan to volunteer to take over some of her work scope. And I was given the assignment to deal with the taken-over work! My basic work is delayed, and another colleague keep pressing on me. I have so many workload suddenly, but I refused to do OT to clear all the jobs. Y shd I do wen I given the same amt of pay. I mean I don see it as any benefits to me for the additional work. It can always be allocated to other staffs beside me. Wat more is my boss who wan volunteer to do additional work… y I kena to clear her volunteered work!

Pissed Pissed Pissed!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sick for a week.

Sian. I hate to fall sick, esp during my pregnancy. Tis is the 2nd time I fell deeply sick, excluding all those stupid morning sickness. Came down with running nose suddenly last tue afternn. Endure on wed, wen I tog of taking half day off to c doctor. I “ren” until the nite wen I came crawling into a clinic for MC and some useless medicine. Bad cough & non-stop running nose. Yes I got an mc for thu. Medicine… juz mild medicine tt wont heal me. Slpt thru the whole mrng on thu after sending son to sch. Late afternn took lunch n was stuck at the pc till evening. No appetite for the nite. Simple instant noodles n tt it for the so-called rest day.

Lucky fri was a PH. And my maternal family welcomed me n son wif wide open arms. Coz my stupid hb is working day shift. Rot at my maternal hse while others baby-sit my son. My mum cooked some tonic soup to reduce my cough (though it din heal, but I appreciate.) I requested for home cooked popian, and I got it for my meals! Wahaha.. I luv to prepare n eat my own-packed popian. Yummy. My dad was sweet aso. He fetched us fr mrt stn, and even accompanied us for a cab ride home. He even paid for the cabby fare. Haha~!

Sat, had to vacuum n mop the hse plus look after son by myself alone. Where the heck is the hb? He’s gone photo-shooting. Despite he need slp for his nite shift, he left hse at 7+am, came home only at 2pm! He slept for a few hrs b4 leaving hse at 5+ for his nite shift. I was worry abt his lack of slp, but I totally heck care abt him. He deserved it if he’s not gtg enuff slp. Not tt son was disturbing him, but he chose to go photo-shooting at such a timing! Lucky he had helped to coax son to slp wif him, if not I gng to scream his head off!

Sun, send son to his enrichment class at tpy. Tiring day, and perhaps it’s pretty cloud n windy day. Son fell asleep on the way home in train. I had to carry him. It was drizzling when we alighted fr train. I tried to catch a cab but the queue was super long n no cabby came along. So I had to lug son back home all by myself, my back carrying the bag, hand grabbing an umbrella, and another hand carrying son. I was very extreme tired. I tried called hb for help, but he rather slp den to answer my help! Wen I finally reach home, son dozed off for ard 15mins n woke up liao. Pissed off lor.. carry him all the way back to his comfortable bed, n yet he slpt for such a short while. The rest of the day.. I was totally angry wif hb n ignore him totally. Selfish guy who care abt his photos n not me n son!

I simply hate his job! Juz becoz his job is working long shifty hrs, means I have to care for the whole family by myself? Hey! I’m preggie and has to juggle wif a hyperactive toddler. It’s tough. My health has never been good when it come to preggie. I require sufficient rest. Now tt I’m so lack of rest, I fall sick so easily. Even now at 4mths+ preggie, I still have vomit at certain time of the day. My work is busy.. reach home I’m also busy. I grumble so many times to Hb, but he simply has no response. All he care abt is his fucking frenz and his photos…