Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Happy wif Tis Blog Skin.

I've spend so much time on editing this blog skin... and till now still NOT satisfied. Havent even upload the tagboard, timer, etc.. coz i disappointed in the blog layout...

1stly, i took tis skin fr, the original designer of tis skin put a christian "precious moment" pic which i don like. So havent been searching for a nicer pic to replace the christian pic... But so sad.. cant find any suitable yet. Den the stupid snow bg, can only drop to half the page. Alamak! X-) Den wat if ple read the bottom of the blog? The snows melts into the air!! Den the tong hua midi is built in... Don noe if can add more songs if i wan?

I cant wait to get another blog skin.. but quite busy at work. Home? No nid to even mention... Wan watch a tv, aso hard to find time.. Yawnz...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yoi! It the time of the year where I'm will be gtg fatter.. LOL! Coz it mooncake festival. Sourcing ard for my fav mooncake: snow-skin champage mooncake. Sad to say i only order 1 box. Wanted to buy more... but it Out Of Stock liao. Y so cruel to me! Still got 1 wk to the festival and it's GONE b4 i can get hold of it. Haiz... Gotta wait for next yr or get other types of mooncakes. Wat to do.. i so S. L. O. W.!

Next.. i still miss the Agar Agar Mooncake. I rmbr in my poly life, my fren Tee Harn noe i luv agar agar. So she brought 1 pcs of Agar Agar Mooncake for me from JB. Wow! It the 1st time i try out tis unique type of mooncake. It actually 100% agar agar tt is made in the shape of a round mooncake. The filling is also agar agar (w coconut?) & a different colour. So the whole agar agar is quite transparent but it really nice... Y? Coz it my FAV food mah! Haha...

Today.. while surfing the net to look for a agar agar pic... i browse across a website tt shows the receipe of Durian Paste Agar Agar Mooncake. So i paste the receipe here, will try it out wen i'm.. erm.. free lor.. Which i doubt so.. haha..

(Makes 9 pieces)

For the mock egg yolk:
Agar-Agar Powder - 3 grams

Sugar - 50grams
Water - 170 ml
Fresh pandan leaves - 2grams
Fresh durian meat - 25 grams
Coconut milk - 250ml
Yellow food coloring - 2grams

For the "durian paste":
Agar-Agar powder - 16grams

Sugar - 200grams
Coconut milk - 250ml
Water - 430ml
Fresh Pandan leaves - 4 pieces
Fresh durian meat - 230grams
Yellow food coloring - 2grams

For the mock mooncake skin:
Agar-Agar powder - 16grams

Sugar - 200 grams
Fresh Pandan (screw pine) leaves - 250grams
Water - 425ml
Coconut milk - 50ml
Green food coloring - 2ml

Preparation steps:
Mock egg yolk

Step 1: Mix together and boil water, agar-agar, sugar, and pandan leaves.
Step 2: Discard the pandan leaves and add the durian meat, coconut milk, and food coloring.
Step 3: Allow the mixture to cool slightly before pouring it into the ice tray.
Step 4: Leave it to set.

The Durian Paste
Step 1: Mix together and boil the water, 250ml puree coconut milk, agar-agar and pandan leaves.
Step 2: Discard the pandan leaves and cease boiling. Add the durian meat and coloring and stir well.
Step 3: Pour the mixture into the 19cm squares immediately. (As a guide, cut a piece of paper slightly shorter in width of the 6cm square plastic moon cakes moulds)
Step 4: Pour the mock egg yolk mixture into the center of each square.
Step 5: Press down the mock egg yolk and level the durian paste.
Step 6: Leave it to set before cutting into squares.

The Mooncake Skin
Step 1: Mix together and boil water, agar-agar sugar and pandan leaves
Step 2: Add coconut milk and food coloring to the mixture.
Step 3: When the mixture boils, turn off the heat.
mooncake moulds
Step 4: Fill each mould with 3 dessertspoons of the mixture.
Step 5: Make sure that the mixture is slightly set before inserting each square piece of durian paste.
Step 6: Fill the mould with the remaining boiling mixture immediately and leave to set.
Step 7: Chill before serving.

Enjoy ur Cooking &

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Juz created a new Blog all abt myself... Don wan fight attention wif my son. So dedicating to my son only. And tis blog will consist abt ME only. haha... =)