Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GE Women 10k 2008

Yeah! I finally completed all my runs for this year. A total distance of 46.6km in competitive run that i took part! I'm proud of myself.. as this is the 1st time i run so much...

And this GE Women 10K, i have achieved a PB! 1hr 21min 29sec!

But still i din achieve wat i wanted.. I din lose any weight! Neither can i run non-stop for the whole 10km! Shame on myself rite! My timing has improved, but not a lot. I aiming for less than 1hr 20min.. and i still far from my target. How to aim for half-marathon next?

Look like there are no short-cut to running. I muz actually train up well and steady before i can achieve my aim. Not a one-off event where u juz run 10km, and expect weight loss, PB... Well.. i will try harder next year.

As for now.. i better cool down my body for my next target in life! Hopefully my aim can be achieve... Wish me luck pls!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Public Holidays

I was juz informed by my HR that Deepavali falls on a monday, instead of wat the calendar has printed: Tuesday. Which means we will be gtg a long wkend at the end of this mth! Yeah! But, it seems like this long wkends will be wasted. Coz Sun i having a mrng 10km GE run.. so the rest of the sun + mon, will be spent on resting my muscle-pain legs.

I was browsing at the 2009 PHs, and i'm quite surprise to notice a trend next year. Which is every PHs is a long wkends, except the 1st PH, New year day.

New Year's Day: Thursday 1 January 2009
Chinese New Year: Monday 26 January 2009 & Tuesday 27 January 2009
Good Friday: Friday 10 April 2009
Labour Day: Friday 1 May 2009
Vesak Day: Saturday 9 May 2009
National Day: Sunday *9 August 2009
Hari Raya Puasa: Sunday *20 September 2009
Deepavali: Sunday *15 November 2009
Hari Raya Haji: Friday 27 November 2009
Christmas Day: Friday 25 December 2009

Next year will be great to have lots of wkends short overseas trip.. so hopefully i get to travel somewhere... As for now.. better save up more $$$